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While Virtual Reality is now officially on the market and has gotten off to a somewhat shaky start, some are already looking ahead to what they consider ‘The Next Big Thing’. A technology that, in their opinion, would merge the best aspects of virtual reality with real life to create an experience that goes beyond..


Google has always insisted that businesses deliver a good user experience. An increase in mobile web browsing has prompted Google to turn its focus to mobile-friendliness and how it should impact search engine rankings. In October last year, website visits on mobile devices surpassed that on desktops (StatCounter). Between 2011 and 2016, smartphone ownership in..

Curated content suggestions are massive time savers for busy social media and content marketers. The ability to choose from intelligently sorted content recommendations saves marketers hours of time otherwise spent sifting through 1000s of websites for news and top-notch industry content. In fact, content curation is one of the most challenging responsibilities of content and social media..

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In about a decade of their existence, social media platforms have acquired over 2.3 billion users worldwide, according to Statistia’s records. It has become abundantly clear that social media isn’t just a passing phase, and is here to stay. Social is also evolving rapidly. Here’s a quick recap of the leaps that social took in..

The ability to manage content from a library is a huge advantage, because it gives marketers flexibility and helps them save time. When popular social media management app Buffer announced its decision to remove the content library feature, a lot of people were taken aback.   Buffer shuts down its content library The app plans..


In this year’s elections, Americans weren’t bystanders, in any sense of the word. Considering the fact that anybody could say pretty much anything (thanks to social media), the US Presidential Elections evoked massive activity from all around the world. Along with live broadcasts by TV news agencies and continuous updates on social media, the fear,..

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If you are a digital marketer, analyst or business owner looking for the chance to take your business to the next level, workshops and events are a good place to start. The end of any year is a great time for events. This November we’re partnering with two of the best global events focused on..

Several research surveys conducted over the past couple of years have shown that content curation is one of the biggest challenges faced by content marketers. A survey conducted by DrumUp revealed that content curation is a major painpoint in social media management. With the number of social media platforms steadily on the rise, it’s becoming all..

The Internet’s biggest search engine first announced its very own social networking platform back in 2011. Only four years after, Google+ seems to be making its way to the Graveyard… or maybe not. Google is slowly withdrawing G+ integration with its other products, and experts have been speculating that this will eventually lead to the..

Posted in : News & Trends on, a voice and speech recognition startup that was founded 18 months ago, announced on Monday that it will be acquired by Facebook. Neither of the companies have revealed a price figure for the deal. The social media giant will be making use of’s speech and natural language processing services to introduce voice features..