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Three Ways to Benefit from the New Twitter Profile Page

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Twitter’s profile redesign is not extreme but it certainly allows you to do more with the look and feel of your page, while also enhancing user experience to a certain degree. If you are looking to optimize your Twitter page, here are three tips you should should get started on immediately.


Say it with bigger visuals


Twitter has emphasized ‘big and bold’ in its redesign. You now have the chance to add a larger profile photo, with an aspect ratio of 400 pixels by 400 pixels. The good news is the bigger scale of the header image which you can customize to make the desired impact. Twitter recommends a resolution of 1500×500 for the header photo, so it is best to stick to the exact number using a photo editor. Anything smaller may make your photo look fuzzy. The design rejig is reminiscent of the current Facebook page, but it certainly allows you to make your Twitter profile more sprightly and eye-catching. For inspiration, check out some ‘design-tastic’ Facebook pages, and if you have the time, don’t hesitate to experiment a bit.


Highlight select tweets prominently


Now you can pin one of your favorite tweets to the top of your Twitter page to grab attention quickly. If you’re using Twitter as a business channel, an upcoming event, your latest press release, a new company announcement, currently running promotion or a tweet summarizing your brand credo or mission, are good bets. If not, you can consider tweets that drive emotions, or communicate your favorite thoughts or an urgent plea.


Have a tweet that soars above the rest? This is your ‘best’ tweet, distinguishable by its larger text relative to other tweets. Twitter will now highlight tweets that have received greater engagement, as measured in retweets, replies and favorites. All the more reason to put extra thought into your tweets and compel followers to consume your best tweets.


Filter tweets to make your profile more comprehensible to visitors


Twitter’s new timeline refines visitors’ search by creating separate ‘tweet’ and ‘tweet and replies’ categories. There is also a separate section for tweets with photos and videos. For instance, if you want to access a breaking news on BBC, you can filter the network’s feed for just tweets with photos instead of scrolling through the feed to find what you want. Depending on what your followers are most responsive to, you can decide the volume of text-only tweets and photo/video embedded tweets for maximum engagement and impact.