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33 Instagram Marketing Statistics for Social Media Managers in 2018

In its 8 years of existence, Instagram has transformed the way people communicate on social media. Focused on mobile photo-sharing, the social media platform not only attracted a massive user base, but also garnered attention from Facebook, which eventually acquired Instagram in 2012.

As a social media manager, you most probably have Instagram included on your list of potential social media platforms for audience engagement. That’s why we have put together a list of Instagram marketing statistics that you can use to understand the social media platform better and formulate an effective Instagram marketing plan.

With the right Instagram management tool and marketing strategy, you can create an effective Instagram presence.

Without further ado, here are 33 Instagram marketing statistics for social media managers in 2018.

1. Instagram was conceived on October 6th, 2010, and was bought by Facebook on April 9th, 2012 for $1 billion.

2. 32% of the community of internet users are also Instagrammers.

3. Brand engagement on Instagram is 10X that on Facebook, 54X that On Pinterest and 84X that on Twitter.

4. Instagrammed videos get 2X engagement than photographs on any other social media platform. If your industry is great for visuals, consider Instagram marketing very seriously.

5. 80% Instagram users are not based in the United States. 77.6 million Instagram users are from the US. Instagram has a better distributed global audience than many social media managers may have assumed.

6. You may have known that Instagram was primarily being used by the younger crowd, but how young are Instagram’s users exactly? According to Pew Research Centre’s study, most Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years of age. So if this your target demographic, you should give Instagram special attention.

7. 60% online adults have Instagram accounts. If you want to engage adults on social media, you shouldn’t sideline Instagram marketing.

8. Within 24 hrs of Instagram introducing video, Instagrammers shared over 5 million videos.

9. 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have an Instagram presence.

10. Women are more likely to use Instagram than men, according to Pew Research Centre. That’s why lifestyle brands with products for women perform exceptionally well on Instagram.

11. Instagram influencers sometimes earn $100,000 per post; but that doesn’t mean that all Instagram influencers are unapproachable. You simply need to find the most influential Instagrammer in your niche within your budget for decent results.

12. 32% of teenagers using the internet consider Instagram the most important social media platform. A good part of your youngest target audience members could be accessible via Instagram marketing.

13. According to a Louisem, over 25% of Instagram users make $75,000 or more each year.

14. Instagram has the most number Instagram users, and Selena Gomez has the second highest number of Instagram users at 124 million. Beyonce holds the record for the most liked Instagram, which included a photograph of her announcing her pregnancy.

15. The Instagrammer community is 600 million strong, and has over 400 million active Instagrammers.

16. Of the Instagram users, 51% claim to use their Instagram accounts daily, while 35% admit that they check their Instagram feeds several times (upto 7 times) a day.

17. 50% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account. That’s a potential audience of about 200 million active users, and 60% of the members of that audience claim to have learned about the business on the platform.

18. The number of photos and videos shared on Instagram daily is roughly around 95 million, so your Instagrams need to be optimized for search and audience engagement to stand out,

19. Since Instagram’s conception, over 40 billion photographs and videos have been uploaded on the social media platform. This activity is a clear indicator of users’ engagement with the social media platform, a tell-tale sign of the platform’s potential in collecting UGC (User Generated Content).

20. 1/6th (100 million) of Instagrammers use the “Stories” feature everyday.

21. In December 2016 alone, there were close to 300 million selfies on Instagram, proving the users’ comfort in including themselves in their content on the social media platform.

22. There are just under 17 million Google searches for the word “Instagram” each month, and 165,000 Google searches for Kylie Jenner Instagram.

23. Over 15 million companies own Instagram accounts, so it’s highly likely that your competition has an Instagram

24. 1 million of those 15 million companies are active advertisers, 800,000 more than were advertisers in March 2017. This drastic increase in the number of businesses advertising on Instagram is clear indication of the platform’s potential to help businesses target and engage the right audience.

25. A massive proportion of top Instagram brands (60%) use the same filter in all of their Instagrams. This statistic proves that brand consistency is a key factor that social media managers should pay attention to.

26. Instagrams with at least one relevant hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than those without any hashtags. Needless to say, the right hashtags can dramatically improve your reach and engagement on Instagram.

27. The <3 is the most popular emoji on Instagram.

28. Clarendon, Gingham and Juno/Lark are the most popular filters among Instagrammers.

29. Pizza, steak and sushi are the most Instagrammed food preparations.

30. According to a study, your Instagram stands the most chance for engagement when it is posted on Wednesdays at 5PM. But you could always find the best time to get engagement among your audience members by running a simple experiment. Post the same content on different days at different times and identify the day and time with the most engagement.

31. In March 2017 alone, 120+ million Instagrammers acted on business CTAs by visiting websites, calling or emailing businesses. Instagram is clearly a great social media platform to entice your audience to act on your suggestions.

32. According to Statista, Instagram’s mobile ad revenue in 2016 was over 1.86 billion, 144% more than the social media platform earned in 2015, and the number nearly doubled in 2018 to become 3.64 billion.

33. About 140,000,000 Instagrammers claim they have been cyberbullied on the platform, making it important for brands to consider the safety and comfort of their fans when including them in content or interacting with them.

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