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Twitter’s New Rules & Alternatives to Meet Edgar & Quuu

Late last month Twitter announced a major change to its API algorithm. Twitter’s new rules are aimed at prevention of “Fake news”, malicious activity and spam by blocking –

i. The simultaneous publishing of identical content across multiple accounts
ii. The simultaneous liking or retweeting of content and following of accounts

Here’s what Twitter’s new rules mean for social media automation tools 

Third-party social media tools that focus on repeat-sharing identical content, such as Meet Edgar and Quuu, have been hit hard by this change. DrumUp’s multiple account posting and automation also stand to be affected, but we’re confident that we can continue to provide users value via our unique personalized content curation and custom scheduling features.

Alternatives to MeetEdgar & Quuu

As social media platforms such as Twitter combat “Fake news”, changes against mass-action and automation will continue. Curation of fresh content will become more important than ever, and content curation and employee advocacy apps will save the day.

Apps you can use instead of social media automation tools such as MeetEdgar & Quuu –

Read more about how employee advocacy works here.

  • Social media monitoring apps such as Brand24 or Social Mention to find the right conversations for content targeting


How you can still save time and increase Twitter engagement by curating fresh content via DrumUp

  • Set-up keyword based content streams for topics that interest your audience
  • Add RSS feeds of news agencies, top blogs and competitors to DrumUp
  • Save important content suggestions/ideas/content inspiration to content libraries for easy access when creating content

Do these three things and you’ll have an entire resource of content that will increase your audience engagement.

How you can use DrumUp’s employee advocacy platform to increase reach for evergreen content without violating Twitter’s new rules

  • Share evergreen posts with employees via DrumUp’s industry feed
  • Motivate employees to share posts via gamification
  • Monitor content reach and engagement via employee advocacy analytics


How you can continue to use DrumUp’s content libraries to save time

  • Save post ideas, drafts and copies to libraries for easy access during future use
  • Schedule posts from libraries when they’re ready
  • Use old posts in libraries to cross-reference your social media strategies in the past to DrumUp’s analytics for useful insights
  • Save old work in libraries to inspire future work or save ideas/inspiration from keyword and RSS streams to libraries for easy access when creating/scheduling posts


Best practices and ideas to tackle Twitter’s new rules

  • Curate fresh content from blogs, news agencies and influencers for increased engagement and @mention the authors to build relationships
  • Consider using this change as an opportunity to establish an employee advocacy program – the only way to push company content that will probably survive all social media platforms’ attempts to curb commercial content
  • Revise your social media scheduling strategy to avoid simultaneous posting and instead focus on posting at the right times and at longer intervals

Here’s a post about the right and wrong times to publish on Twitter.


As social media platforms make more changes to prevent spam and Fake news, social media marketers will have to become more aware of their strategies. When dealing with Twitter’s latest API change, content curation and employee advocacy are good ideas that you can consider.

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