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Latest Report on Social Media User Demographics Points to Trends, Differences and Adoption

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A report from Business Insider’s research service BI Intelligence reveals the latest demographics on social media usage and the shift from the time they were launched to the present day scenario. The findings of the report are useful in helping businesses plan and tweak their social media outreach strategies.


Let’s start with Facebook. According to the report, the popular social media site is more likely to be used by women than men. It is however the numero uno network of choice for the country’s teens, with almost half the teens using FB saying they’re spending more time on the site than they spent last year. In any case, Facebook is the most popular social network among teens, attracting more teenage users on a daily basis than any other social media site.


Twitter, which previously had a balanced mix of genders, is now trending towards male users. 22 per cent of men now use the site versus 15 per cent of women. The microblogging service is also less popular than LinkedIn among US adults. LinkedIn is a hotspot for individuals in the 30-49 age group, and the preferred choice of well-educated individuals.


The big news is the increasing prominence and status of photo-sharing site Instagram. The report indicates that young users believe it’s more important to have a presence on Instagram in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. It also seems to be the choice of upwardly mobile users, with 83 per cent of rich American teens maintaining active Instagram accounts.


Now, on to YouTube, whose love affair with video watchers continues to go strong. The report reveals that the video-sharing website is visited by more adults in the 18-34 age group than any other cable TV network. Nielsen ‘s survey has shown that millennials regard YouTube as the top place to consume content, beating digital TV.


Lastly, the youngest social network among all the popular ones is Snapchat. Sixty percent of all Snapchat users belong to the 18-24 age group.