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Facebook Eliminates Bing Search Feature

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In a move to make it easier for users to search past posts, images, and comments, Facebook has removed the Bing search feature from the website. Earlier, users could search for friends, and other information on Facebook. You could also search for keywords that generated search results from However, Facebook has completely removed the feature, and has replaced it with a more refined feature using which users can look up specific posts and images.

Microsoft and Facebook began their partnership in 2006 when Microsoft started selling banner advertisements on Facebook. Later, they invested in Facebook for a 1.6% stake, earning rights to share the revenue generated from the banner ads outside of the United States. Eventually in 2010, Facebook replaced the banner ads with Bing search feature.

As the second largest search engine, currently has 20% of the market. The recent removal of the Bing search feature from Facebook does not mean an end of the Facebook-Microsoft partnership. The two companies continue to have a great working relationship and have strong ongoing partnerships in other areas.

photo credit: Marco Paköeningrat via flickr cc