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Facebook Search Now Enables Users To Look For Specific Posts

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Wish you could find that hilarious post which might have cracked you up a month ago, or look for an old photo that your friends might have posted? Facebook Search has made it much easier to look for specific posts, and you won’t even have to stalk your friend’s timeline for it. Facebook Search will now bring up more than just people in its search. It lets users search for older posts, photos, articles and more. After the launch of Facebook’s Graph Search in 2013, this might just be the coolest update to release.

The search can be conducted quite easily. Facebook’s Graph Search made it easier to look for photos, people, interests and places. However, with the new update, you can type in a keyword that relates to the post you are trying to look for, like “Beyonce concert”, and the posts will show up in the search.

However, the search will not reveal all the posts posted on Facebook. You will only be able to look up posts by people who are already present in your network of friends, or by people who have not applied strict privacy settings. Most of all, there is no limit on how far back you can search. If you wanted to look at a post from 5 years ago, you can easily find it in the search, without the hassle of having to remember who posted it, and when exactly it was posted.

Facebook will be launching the update this week making it available on the website’s desktop version and on its iPhone application.