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DrumUp’s Monthly Social Media Digest March

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Top Social Media Stories of March


Hi there!

It’s time for DrumUp’s second edition of the monthly social media digest. With Twitter and Facebook rolling out a bunch of changes and features, the month of March has been quite eventful. At DrumUp too, we’ve been working hard at rolling out cool new features and improvements. We love to hear from you, so please do keep in touch and drop us a ‘howdy’ every now and then.

1. Twitter Offers Better Analytics on Ad Conversion Tracking

Twitter launched two new metrics to allow better monitoring of ad campaigns – ‘transaction values’ allow you to monitor the sales driven by your Promoted Tweet campaign, and ‘key conversion’ lets you tag one aspect of your campaign (a particular product offering, for instance) as the most important one and monitor its conversion rates. Here are some examples of how to use the new metrics.

2. Facebook Opens Messenger to Third-Party Apps

Facebook Messenger has been around and on our phones for a while. Realising the potential of this light-weight chat app and in a bid to boost engagement, Facebook has now opened it up to third-party apps. 40 new apps have already been developed for the platform. The BBC story presents an interesting point of view on this recent development.

3. Instagram Introduces Carousel Ads

Instagram is gradually rolling out a new feature called Carousel Ads, which provides a way to share more information and works akin to a multi-page ad. Users can swipe left on the ad to find more details of your offering. They can also scroll past it if they don’t want to know more. A video that explains it all.

4. Twitter Experiments with Carousel Ads for Apps

Twitter is also working on Carousel Ads, but unlike Instagram, where the carousel is just one big ad, Twitter is using the concept to suggest multiple apps to users. The development’s created quite a stir with mixed reactions.

5. Transfer Money to Friends on Facebook Messenger

You can now send money to your friends using a debit card for free on Facebook Messenger. The money transfers will take the usual 1-3 business days to complete. A step-by-step guide.

6. Pinterest Testing Animated Pins, Also Improves Ad-targeting

Pinterest is leaving no stones unturned in presenting itself as a serious advertising platform. Pinterest is testing a new ad format – animated pins, which will move on user scroll. Pinterest has also rolled out improvements to help advertisers define their target audience more precisely. Till now, advertisers on Pinterest could only target users based on broad areas of interest. From now on, they can make use of more specific terms to reach out to their desired audience. A low down on the developments by AdAge.

7. Adjustment to Facebook Pages’ Likes’ Count Upcoming

In the coming weeks, you may see a slight reduction in the number of likes on your Facebook page. Nothing to worry though! To present a more accurate picture, Facebook is taking out the likes from voluntarily deactivated or memorialized accounts. More in the official announcement.

What’s Up at DrumUp?

  • Now, you can automatically post updates from your blog directly to Facebook and Twitter pages using DrumUp. The option to add a blog feed is available on the Settings page.
  • In addition, we’ve also given our web app a facelift with a cool new design.

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