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Updated Activity Dashboard Improves Twitter Analytics

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In the first six months of 2014, Twitter has rolled out a new web profile and introduced a mute feature. Now, the popular micro-blogging service has empowered advertisers to measure engagement with an enhanced dashboard.


The new functionality allows you to conduct a month-on-month comparison of impressions, link clicks, retweets and total engagements. You can get a closer look at the number of times your tweets are viewed on Twitter web and apps. Data on how many impressions your tweets have picked up and their engagement rate can help you plan your content strategy better.


As more businesses turn to social media to connect and engage with customers, it has become critical to measure the outcome of efforts to inform social media marketing decisions in a meaningful way. Only robust analytics can help businesses really understand how followers and Twitter users are engaging with tweets. It can provide surprising and interesting results, which you may not have anticipated while framing your content strategy.


Twitter has said previously that consistently posting organic tweets can open up a brand to an audience size equivalent to 30 per cent of its follower base during a week. By actively building your follower base and tweeting regularly, you can stay front and center in followers’ minds and grab more eyeballs to your promotions, announcements and contests.


To get more replies, retweets and mentions, an influential brand on Twitter suggests that you create relevant content that resonates with your followers; respond to every tweet coming your way; and explore the possibility of creating sub-communities each with their unique voice and appeal. With an enhanced dashboard telling you what you’re doing right and what needs fixing, there has never been a better time to refocus on your Twitter activities.