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Twitter to experiment with film ad targeting

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The next time you want to catch a movie, check your Twitter feed to see which new movie is trending. Twitter has approached production houses in Hollywood to see if they can bring film promotions to the Twitter platform. This means that if you tweet about a recent film you watched in the theatres, or about wanting to watch a particular, Twitter will be able to show you advertisements for another film which is due for release, and belongs to the same genre.


Twitter is calling this new marketing move Movie Conversation targeting. So if you tweeted about how much you enjoyed Hunger Games – Catching Fire, you might start seeing advertisements for its sequel Hunger Games – Mockingjay. The intention behind this smart marketing move is that audiences generally tend to watch movies belonging to a particular genre that they might have enjoyed before. By taking advantage of this mindset, Twitter will try to keep an eye out  for the  movie-related conversations taking place on this social media website, and try to provide Hollywood’s film production studios with more insight on how enjoyable audiences really find these movies.


This experiment will be underway in the coming months, however, there is no word yet on whether this experiment will only be limited to the US audience. This interesting targeting, as Twitter has described it in its recent blog, has been created to reach a wider range of audiences in the right way. No doubt, this strategy will lure reputed production studios in Hollywood into spending a few – in fact, a lot – of extra dollars into their film marketing campaigns on Twitter, in turn making those who work for Twitter, a very happy bunch!