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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips

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Twitter is a great place to reach out to potential customers and build a huge following. But, being a microblogging platform, you will need more than just words to use it for marketing. Here are 10 tips that will help you:

  1. Tell your story through your Twitter profile: Your Twitter profile lets the world know who you are and what you intend to do – use it effectively. Include your logo in your profile photo and use your header image to tell your followers what your brand is all about (for example, Coca Cola’s header spreads a message of friendship and good times). Use your bio to distinguish your business (for example, GE’s Twitter bio tells everyone that they imagine and create new technology in order to help the world). Also provide a link to your website.
  1. Treat your tweets like a newspaper headline: Your tweet should grab the attention of the readers. If you include links, your tweet should give your readers a valid reason for them to click on it. To gain attention, you can also include visual content in your tweet.
  1. Share relevant content: Understand your target audience and provide them content that they will find useful (like tips, how-tos, research data, and so on). You should also establish yourself as a good source of industry information by regularly tweeting your industry’s latest happenings.
  1. Keep your followers interested: In addition to providing information, host contests, provide discounts, and show sneak peeks of your business’ behind-the-scenes activities.
  1. Use Twitter ads: With 288 million active users, Twitter provides you an excellent channel for promoting your products. You can target your ads to a precisely defined audience by using Twitter lists. You can also track ad-conversion rates through Twitter’s conversion tracking.
  1. Use analytics to understand your audience: When are your tweets likely to have the most impact? When a large number of your target audience are online. Use social analytics tools to figure out the best times to tweet. You can also use the key performance indicators (like engagement rate, favorites, link clicks, etc.) of Twitter’s in-built analytics to understand how users interact with your tweets.
  1. Join conversations: Actively contribute to conversations on Twitter whenever you can. You can use tools like Google trends to find emerging trends. You can also use Twitter’s hottest trends list to find currently trending hashtags. In addition, you should search for hashtags that you are interested in and monitor mentions of your brand. You can either retweet or reply to tweets containing them.
  1. Use promoted accounts and promoted tweets features: These will help you to increase the visibility of your brand and any tweet that you want to reach to a large audience.
  1. Engage influencers: Involving influencers in your conversations can help draw a lot of attention to your business. You can engage influencers by directly asking them a question, re-tweeting their posts, or by posting content about or shared by them which are also relevant to your industry.
  1. Be active: You should tweet regularly and occasionally tweet spontaneously. Also ensure that you reply to as many of your followers’ tweets as you can.

Social media platforms are, in general, great avenues for marketing. If you use or are interested in including Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, have a look at these tips.

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