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The Ultimate List of Best Social Media Marketing Blogs

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  1. SocialTimes:
    Get all the latest updates on social media, TV news, PR, publishing, print, digital, newspapers, magazine and much more from nine of the industry’s top websites all on one blog!
  1. ReadWrite:
    Richard MacManus’s blog gives tech lovers all the latest information and updates on technology. He is a genius at predicting what’s next in technology and its collective impact on the society and users.
  1. Social Media Examiner:
    This is perhaps the most informative blog on the use of social media for businesses. It covers topics ranging from blogs, podcasts, traffic drivers and customer engagement to tips on increasing sales and much more!
  1. Marketing Land:
    Want a daily dose of what is new in the digital marketing industry? Check out Matt Mc Gee’s Marketing Land which provides latest industry trends, breaking stories, product updates and other similar announcements related to digital media.
  1. Chris Brogan Blog:
    Join Chris Brogan to get the best advice for growing your business online. He takes you through a series of courses, events and uses other tools to make you a confident business entrepreneur via his blog.
  1. Top Rank:
    This top-notch marketing blog talks about new tools, technologies, industries and trends emerging every year and gives tips, ideas and other relevant information to marketers on how to stay on top of their game!
  1. Search Engine Journal:
    This is a one-of-a-kind interaction-based website enabling search for marketing content. All the contributors for this website are real industry experts and throw light on new marketing strategies, trends and personalities.
  1. Socialnomics:
    Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics focuses on statistics, crisp social stories, reports and discoveries. You will find brilliant case studies, graphics, videos and books providing guidance on brands, content, online marketing and much more.
  1. E Consultancy:
    What could be better than getting together an army of e-commerce professionals and marketers on one single platform? E-commerce does exactly that by offering data, research, consulting, analysis, training and resources to market online.
  1. Hub Spot:
    Looking for ideas to attract customers and boost conversion rates? Hub Spot is your one-stop solution to getting the best ideas on online customer engagement, marketing and successful lead conversions.
  1. Occam’s Razor:
    Avinash Kaushik believes in simplifying our thinking to achieve better and uncomplicated results. That is what Occam’s razor or ‘Ockham’s Razor’ does: it is web data analysis made simple!
  1. Content Marketing Institute’s Blog:
    Content is king for all online marketing. And this blog helps you get the right content in place for your target audience. The website also offers ‘How to Guides’ and a directory listing content marketing agencies and their services.
  1. Social Media Explorer:
    Whatever you need to know about social media marketing, monitoring, public relations, search engine marketing, digital marketing, media, you will find it on Social Media Explorer. It believes in ‘knowing’ the facts rather than ‘guessing’ them!
  1. Jon Loomer:
    Jon Loomer’s blog can be described in one word-‘Facebooking’. It is ideal for businesses trying to market their products and services on Facebook as it offers comprehensive content on targeting, customer engagement and much more.
  1. Social Fresh:
    This blog is about educating people about social media tools. On Social Fresh, you will find some of the best online training programs and social media conferences in the industry that can help your business grow.
  1. Razor Social:
    This blog gives you all the information related to using social media tools, analytics, tracking mechanisms and ways to enhance lead conversions-e-mail subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers!
  1. Social Triggers:
    Social Triggers has a team of world-renowned academic researchers, NYT best-selling authors and founder Derek Halpern providing guaranteed strategies and tactics to help your business succeed- get more customers, better employees and negotiate deals.
  1. Simply Measured:
    This blog leads the way when it comes to measuring social media marketing success. It offers brilliant free tools for analyzing performance on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  1. Marketing Pilgrim:
    Andy Beal’s blog is aimed at providing the latest on everything associated with online advertising and internet marketing. It offers in-depth analysis, reviews, latest news on new products and services.
  1. Duct Tape Marketing:
    John Jantsch’s website offers great insights for small and medium-sized business ventures helping them develop successful marketing plans for consistent growth. There are free e-Books available on the website for reference as well!
  1. We Are Social:
    ‘Markets are conversations’ is the driving force behind ‘We are Social’. The website acts as a consultancy and is dedicated to helping brands in paying attention to, comprehend and engage in social media conversations.
  1. Convince & Convert Blog:
    They call themselves digital marketing advisers helping companies get more out of content marketing and social media via audits, strategic plans, coaching, workshops, setting up of metrics and tracking!
  1. Heidi Cohen:
    Heidi Cohen does the job of simplifying complicated integrated marketing concepts into simple formats which are easy to grasp by all readers. You can get brilliant marketing insights into content marketing, social media and mobile on this blog.
  1. Drew’s Marketing Minute:
    Drew McLellan is a world renowned branding and marketing blogger and is out to give some easy-to-use advice on marketing, social media, PR, CRM, content design and writing and lot of other valuable subjects related to business development.
  1. Sum All:
    This marketing blog features the latest research on social media, digital marketing, mobile trends and ecommerce. Get unparalleled insight on new-age marketing on everything under the sun from design to analytics.
  1. Likeable Blog:
    The posts packed with tips and tools are incredibly addictive for anyone interested in social media and marketing. Learn from brands that got it right and power up your business’ online strategy.
  1. Davefleet:
    Dave’s blog gives you an in-depth understanding on core areas of social media strategy. His opinion-led posts succinctly summarize the best of must-read reports and the latest trends making headlines.
  1. Unmarketing:
    The tongue-in-cheek conversational style of the podcasts on this blog set it apart from the rest. Have fun while you explore themes ranging from human resources to viral marketing. Expect music, banter and more.
  1. Marketing Profs:
    A veritable treasure trove of all things marketing. You can read articles, find out about events, sign up for online courses. Marketeers swear by the articles, tutorials and tips from this hugely popular marketing education site.
  1. Sprout Social:
    This blog is packed with tips and ‘how-to’ guides on social media, content marketing, community management, analytics and all things digital. Uncover new ways to optimize your customer connect online.
  1. Jeff Bullas:
    Jeff Bullas uses plenty of visuals to help you master the fine art of content marketing and blogging. You will discover tools and tricks to bring your A game on social media.
  1. Web Ink Now:
    David Meerman Scott’s posts help arm you with effective sales strategies through vivid examples and a roundup of best practices. You will find a host of engaging case studies from businesses around the world.
  1. Logic + Emotion:
    This cracker of a site looks into the future to give readers an idea of what lies ahead in the fields of marketing, brand building, PR and social media. Find answers to your most pressing questions.
  1. The Future Buzz:
    The Future Buzz guides you through the dos and don’ts of social media marketing. Adam Singer posts articles that will help you stay on top of your digital marketing strategy.
  1. Viral Blog:
    This snazzily laid out blog is immensely readable with its colorful format and up-to-date case studies featuring innovations, trends and viral videos. There’s inspiration and ideas galore.
  1. Techipedia:
    Marketing buffs will devour Tamar Weinberg’s take on social media, digital marketing and business. There are plenty of original ideas and tips to offer you a fresh view on familiar themes.
  1. Scott Monty:
    Scott Monty’s window to the world of marketing, business and technology offers unmissable hard hitting analysis. This Week in Digital rounds up the big news and must-read articles from around the web in easily digestible nuggets.
  1. ZD Net – Social Business:
    This ZD Net Social media blog analyzes the latest trends, tools and news you need to know. Get Social Business consultant Eileen Brown’s take on the latest technology, social media tools and brand-new social sites.
  1. Influential Marketing Blog:
    Rohit Bhargava is trend curator extraordinaire! This blog offers marketing advice and lessons from epic fails by brands, big and small. Get strategy tips from this entrepreneur, writer, trend spotter and content pro.
  1. Businesses Grow:
    Get your marketing metrics and analysis right with insights straight from the industry. Specialists share invaluable practical advice and their take on what lies ahead for social media, blogging and content marketing.
  1. Godot Media Blog:
    Get your daily fix of content strategy and marketing here and stay ahead of the competition. You will find everything you need on digital trends, mobile marketing, and staying relevant to your target audience.
  1. Percolate Blog:
    This gorgeous blog on branding, marketing and technology is flush with real-life examples, and brands to emulate. Get access to handy lists of tools and resources for your design, content, advertising and marketing needs.
  1. The Portent Blog:
    A thoroughly creative approach and easy conversational style make this blog on social media, SEO, copywriting, design and analytics a fun read. Pick up tips on everything from improving campaign performance to better blogging.
  1. Sparksheet:
    Original studies and feature articles on this blog with themes ranging from event marketing to content, are a treat to read. Devour ‘Q&A’ for the latest from leading thinkers from the industry.
  1. Damn I Wish:
    The engaging newsletters on this blog are packed with smart marketing ideas, you really will wish you had thought up! An added bonus are the pointers on making word of mouth marketing work for you.
  1. Snarketing Blog:
    This go-to blog for financial service and banking related marketing, covers consumer issues, mobile banking and analyzes latest trends. Ron Shevlin’s popular blog laced with wit and insights finds a home at The Financial Brand.
  1. Meltwater Blog:
    This smartly organized marketing blog offers up some fabulous infographics, and posts on PR, social media, new media and social listening. Get to hear ideas and views from specialists in social media, PR and content marketing.
  1. Conversation Agent:
    Strategist Valeria Maltoni’s posts cut across themes like business, creativity, technology and marketing. Expect topical discussions around news that’s making waves, with Valeria’s sharp observations culled from her reading and experience.
  1. Conversion Scientist:
    Get the lowdown on optimizing conversion, through a series of posts that cover structured tests, website design, infographics, and the latest marketing techniques and innovations. Summarized takeaways and concise posts make for a quick read.
  1. Marketo Blog:
    Marketo draws readers seeking insights on marketing automation, social media, content marketing, email marketing and lead management, in droves. Read crisp posts on this well organized blog that serves B2B and B2C marketers alike.
  1. Digital Buzz Blog:
    This blog is buzzing with activity. Daily posts that feature the latest in online marketing, spanking new websites, innovative campaigns and all things good and bad on the web.
  1. Ann Handley Blog:
    Ann Handley’s quirky style shows in her posts on social media, content, business, technology and the world at large. As the author of a book on ridiculously good content, she has that talent down pat!
  1. Copy Blogger:
    This engaging marketing blog has posts which spotlight strategy, content marketing and copywriting. Lede podcasts, surveys and reports teach you how to create compelling content and build stronger connects with customers.
  1. Storyful:
    Go behind the scenes to understand the DNA of social journalism and viral videos. See what caught the attention of the world and see how social media and the real world overlap in these compelling stories.
  1. Soshable:
    As the name suggests, Soshable is a place to gain knowledge about the social media world. You get tips, opinions, strategies and information about social media marketing and content along with latest trends to help generate better returns on your business investment.
  1. Empowered:
    Empowered, the book by Ted Schadler and Josh Bernoff is aimed at guiding organizations and leaders on how to use technological tools to deal with customer issues. The blog takes off from the book itself and uses case studies, research data and other tools to provide management solutions to leaders.
  1. Social Media B2B:
    Kipp Bodner’s blog is a news and discussion forum centered around the impact of social media on B2B companies. With a variety of expert articles, trend reports and data, it encourages the acceptance of social media within B2B companies.
  1. Find and Convert Blog:
    Do you need help with marketing? The Find and Convert blog offers comprehensive content on planning and strategizing, creating brand awareness, social marketing, SEO, finding and converting leads and everything else related to marketing your company.
  1. Contently Blog:
    Are you looking for top-notch brand publishing? Using its pool of creative talent and powerful software, ‘Contently’ can help your company formulate brilliant stories and interact with your audience in a way that helps produce improved business results.
  1. Vertical Measures:
    Vertical Measures is a website offering all kinds of news, information and insights into social media and content marketing as well as search related issues. You will find expert interviews and articles on content strategy, optimization, internet marketing and a lot more at Vertical
  1. Social Media Today:
    The editorial staff at Social Media Today curates a variety of data for marketing, PR, advertising and other professionals who require a detailed understanding of social media. Lively debates are a highlight of the website.
  1. Dream Grow:
    All companies seek conversion optimization for better ROI. Dream Grow is an Internet marketing service agency focused on the objective and the website gives you all the information you require on internet marketing including social media tactics.
  1. Blind Five Year Old:
    AJ Kohn’s online marketing firm does have a strange sounding name, but it is based on a unique SEO philosophy, which is to consider search engines to be blind five-year olds! You can learn all about search trends and data analysis on this website.
  1. The Sales Lion:
    The website is run by people passionate about content and inbound marketing. Founder Marcus utilizes the power of personal experience and stories to influence businesses as well as individuals and gives insights into the world of effective content strategies.
  1. Orbit Media Studios:
    If you want practical advice from industry experts on analytics, content marketing and web design, the Orbit blog is your one-stop destination to get all of it. Learn about content marketing, SEO, social media and much more at Orbit Media!
  1. Social Text:
    The blog helps businesses gain greater value by utilizing business social software such as widget-based dashboards, microblogs, social networks and so on. Social Text simplifies the sharing of corporate data, ideas and expertise among companies.
  1. Ignite Social Media:
    Unlike other social media marketing blogs, Ignite Social Media uses a creative and specialized approach for powering social media marketing for brands. You will find articles on Social Media Strategy and Implementation, management of social identity and much more on the blog.
  1. Amy Porterfield:
    Amy’s aim is to make your business thrive! Learn about self-promotion and online business development from Any Porterfield, who shares her personal experiences to educate entrepreneurs about social media tools, marketing and lead conversions.
  1. Boom Social:
    The Boom Social blog is directed at entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers who can find plenty of content on subjects such as generating online traffic, customer engagement, lead conversions and content creation.
  1. Jonathan Colman:
    Award-winning Content Strategist, Jonathan Colman, gives you all the insights into better content creation strategies for your business and engaging your customers on social media platforms with interesting content!
  1. 60 Second Marketer:
    60 Second Marketer claims that several marketers are unaware about the techniques of measuring campaigns. The blog offers useful tools, data and analytics for measuring the ROI from various social media efforts.
  1. Jeff Korhan’s Blog:
    Jeff Korhan is an expert on how small businesses work. On his blog, you will find articles on both small business development and new media marketing, presented in the most simple and easily understandable format.
  1. Social Marketing Fella:
    Blog owner, Andre, is a well-known inbound marketing expert and social media marketing specialist. On Social Marketing Fella, he shares insights into the emerging trends and technologies in the social media industry.
  1. Aim Clear Blog:
    It is the blog of a futuristic digital marketing agency that focuses on social audience targeting, search, digital marketing tactics, strategies and much more. It was ranked among the Technorati Top 10 Small Business Blogs.
  1. Chris Garratt:
    Chris’s blog is aimed at teaching small and independent businesses on how to build convincing resources, offer customers greater value, achieve increased loyalty and generate higher ROI.
  1. The RealTime Report:
    The focus of the website is to collect and post content related to the use of mobile web and social media for business purposes. It is done using case studies, marketing research data, campaigns, and statistics.
  1. Social Barrel:
    Get updates on what is happening in the social media world – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more with Social Barrel. On the blog, you can learn about the latest social media technologies and tools.
  1. Zac Johnson:
    Zac Johnson is an experienced online entrepreneur who definitely knows how to make money through the Internet and is here to guide you to do the same! Get insights into the business of blogging, affiliate marketing, pay per click, contests and more.
  1. Mack Collier:
    You can pitch to Mack Collier to write about a social media topic that you’re interested in and get insightful answers. He has written about blogger outreach programs, music marketing, evangelism and other interesting topics.
  1. Mari Smith:
    Mari is known as a thought leader and is a valuable resource in the marketing world. Her blog gives you some of the best advice on social media usage for marketing your business.
  1. Top Dog Social Media:
    From insights into the latest social media trends, tips on blogging, creating social media profiles, generating strong LinkedIn leads, to bidding tips on Facebook to case studies, Top Dog Social Media covers them all.
  1. Social Media University:
    Lee Aase is the Chancellor of Social Media University, Global (SMUG), which as the name suggests is a step-by-step guide that helps you market your brand on social media and teaches the systematic use of digital tools.
  1. Click Newz:
    Author of ClickNewz, Lynn Terry shares news on the latest trends and strategies in Internet Marketing along with innovative ideas, special case studies and honest product reviews.
  1. Social Media Impact:
    The name of the website is self-explanatory. It gives you all information on how to use social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ for business and generating ROI via lead conversions.
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