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We’ve come a long way in the last few years. Back in 2011, the biggest question that people were asking was if social was profitable. Since then, industry conversation has moved from ‘will I see an ROI’ to ‘how to measure social ROI’ and the tools that can help. Yet, only 15% marketers have proven..


Small business owners and their employees wear many hats. Often, the day-to-day management of their businesses take precedents over important, but overlooked marketing and promotional strategies (among other things). While the marketing landscape is vast, budgets are often absorbed quickly, leaving business owners wondering how they can get the most out of their marketing dollars…

Recently, I underwent Root Canal Treatment. The treatment itself was painful (despite the anesthesia), but keeping track of my appointments – not so much, thanks to a certain health app I used that sent me automated reminders. Now, that’s why I love automation – it can do whatever you need it to, pretty much. It’s..