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When I began my journey as a social media marketer, the sheer volume of advice and tips about the industry available on the internet overwhelmed me. If it wasn’t for the Coursera social media specialization that I did, I would have probably wasted time updating my skills and knowledge. Every social media manager, whether a..


There’s a reason why the title of this article leads off with the word “train”. It’s because extreme training is integral to the Marine Corps culture. Marines endure weeks of perilous swamps and back-breaking hilly terrains as part of recruit training, and that is just the start of their long and difficult careers. It isn’t..

We are always looking for ways to make life simpler – whether it is appliances at home that can help you prepare a meal within minutes, or gadgets that can help you keep track of daily tasks and activities. You can look at content scheduling with the same perspective. Although there are divided opinions on..