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The name Beyoncé needs no introduction. She’s Queen Bey to her legions of fans, a global superstar, and one half of a power couple, the other half being rap mogul Jay-Z. She is fierce in her videos, shy and self-effacing in her interviews, and a total social media pro. Beyoncé hasn’t relied only on her..

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Jon Snow is alive and Ramsay just killed his father Roose. Let the twists and turns of Season 6 of Game of Thrones begin! The television adaptation of the high fantasy series has captured the imagination of a global audience. It is HBO’s most popular series ever, its illegal downloads exceeding that of every other..

The battle for the Democratic Presidential nomination between Bernie Sanders – a 74-year old senator with little name recognition (until now) – and Hillary Clinton, who has spent a lifetime amongst Washington’s elite, is heating up. One of their prized ammunition is the social media campaign they’re running (Ex : #feelthebern and #ImWithHer). Bernie’s is..