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Content is king, and one of the best ways of nailing your social media marketing strategy is to have great content. Having good quality content on your social media pages can increase engagement, and raise brand awareness. Creating and posting content, however, is where the problem lies for most people. It is a time-consuming process that..

Often you will find yourself wondering why your social media marketing strategies are bringing you back to square one. You are not seeing an increase in the amount of conversions and you are definitely not getting your business noticed the way you wanted. When you look around at other brands, you see a large fan..


Managing social media accounts can sometimes feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole. While having to post content on multiple accounts is a time consuming task in itself, it takes only a few seconds before you’re lost in the myriad of notifications and posts shared by others. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are..

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One of the most important objectives of creating a Facebook landing page is to increase conversions. A landing page can determine the success of your Facebook ad campaign. To create a great landing page you must optimize both your design and copy. Here are five key aspects that you must pay attention to while creating a..

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Pointing out imperfections and flaws in Facebook’s advertising can make you win a reward from Facebook. After a recent security audit that was conducted, there were many flaws found and fixed. Facebook announced that it will be rewarding developers who can spot security flaws in their advertising code. Facebook had decided to award $500 to..