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Social Media Changing the Business Marketing Landscape for Good. Are you Prepared?

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Business today are slowly, but surely heading in the direction of social media, using it as their preferred mode of communication. As the traditional marketing methods take a backseat, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have stepped into the spotlight and are providing the platform that companies need to promote their services and products. It is safe to say that the current marketing landscape and a few roles associated with it are changing. This means that businesses – including small and mid-sized ones – will have to start getting prepared for the change.


The changing role of a marketer

With the change in marketing landscape, the role of a marketer has also been altered. Now that customers are taking control of the kinds of purchases they want to make, and are deciding the type of content that needs to be shared, marketers may feel powerless. However, there is a vast spectrum of things that marketing professionals can do to better promote their services or products.

Marketers need to introduce and implement social media into their campaigns. They can train other company staff on how to use social media effectively, and in a way that will benefit the company and the brand. Making your brand omnipresent on all social media accounts can boost the brand’s online presence, and it can also make consumers want to interact with the brand.

Resistance to social media

Many companies feel that they are not the right fit for social media marketing as their company policies are rigid and their work methods are conservative. However, it is important to understand that social media has changed how companies market themselves. Unlike a few years ago, companies are now controlled by consumers who are well-equipped and well-informed to make to their own decisions.

In an environment like this, companies must be able to attract and hold the attention of their potential consumers and keep them engaged in marketing campaigns. Social media allows companies to do just that. On social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, people share what they find interesting and reject whatever comes across as dull and boring. In fact, the use of social media is not just limited to companies using it establish a connection with consumers. It is also used as a way of communicating internally with company employees.

Enterprise social media

An article published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication speaks about this phenomena as Enterprise Social Media (ESM). The article defines ESM as something that enables employees within a company to send across messages to the entire organization or to specific coworkers. It also allows coworkers to clearly indicate their communication partners, and lets employees view, sort, edit, and post any messages which they might be tagged in.

In this case, enterprise social media offers itself as a platform where workers of an organization can exchange ideas and interact with each other. The need for formal sit-down meetings and conferences has been lessened because employees can now engage in a collective thought process in more numbers, from anywhere in the office, and at any time of the day.

From using enterprise social media to communicate internally with coworkers, to using social media accounts for consumer outreach – it is quite evident that social media has become prevalent in the world of marketing. It has completely revolutionized how businesses handle their marketing, and has put all the controls in the hands of the customer. The faster businesses can get onboard with using social media, the better prepared they will be for the upcoming changes.