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Optimizing Your Facebook Landing Page for Conversions

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FacebookOne of the most important objectives of creating a Facebook landing page is to increase conversions. A landing page can determine the success of your Facebook ad campaign. To create a great landing page you must optimize both your design and copy. Here are five key aspects that you must pay attention to while creating a landing page for a Facebook ad.

Call to action

A landing page is typically created to meet a single objective. You may want visitors to sign up, subscribe or simply buy your product. For instance, say you’re marketing an e-commerce site that sells clothing. If the Facebook ad campaign you’re running is for an end of season sale, a visitor who clicks on your ad should be taken to a landing page that features the same offer. The call to action should appear above the fold in a big and bold font style. Inconsistency in messaging will confuse your visitor, in which case he/she will most likely leave your page without making a purchase.

Design and copy

Again, consistency is the key to creating an effective landing page. Make sure you use the same image and font on the landing page as has been used on the ad. Avoid cluttering your page with multiple images and call to action messages. Keep the copy brief and create a sense of urgency. Optimize your landing page for conversions by using relevant keywords in the page title as well as the copy. Stay focused on the core message and use a clean page layout with sufficient whitespace. If you’re using a form on your landing page avoid making it lengthy.


Adding buttons on your landing page is a great way to increase conversions. Rather than having standard buttons like, ‘Buy’ or ‘Subscribe’, use persuasive action words or phrases like ‘Keep me informed’. Also try different colors and test which ones are getting more clicks. Also add social share buttons to allow visitor to Like you on Facebook or find you on other social networks such as Twitter and Google+. Adding social share buttons also helps improve your search engine ranking.


Videos have a positive impact on conversion rate since they are capable of serving the dual purpose of entertaining the visitor, while also providing useful information. Although autoplay videos have been subject to criticism, they may still be a good idea to experiment with considering the fact that visitors tend to spend very little time on a page, unless there’s something to hold their attention. Perhaps the only way to test whether such videos work for you, is to create two landing pages – one with autoplay, and one without. Compare the performance of these two pages to see which one shows better results.


As is the case with most social media tools and tactics, creating an effective landing page requires a trial and error approach. Use Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to see how your landing page is performing. It’s also a good idea to run multiple landing pages and use comparative analytics to identify the best approach to increasing conversions. If a particular page is performing poorly, tweak it to improve the design or copy. Monitor the page to see if the changes you made are yielding positive results.

Contrary to what some people believe, landing pages need not cost you a lot, there are several tools that offer landing page templates, and using them would save you both time and money. Remember that landing page optimization is an on-going process – you’ll have to analyze how effective your landing page is over a period of time. Keep an eye out for things that seem to be working and those that aren’t and make changes accordingly.

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