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Mobile Social Media Engagement on an Upswing

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A latest study by ShareThis has put Twitter and Pinterest on top of the list of the most mobile-centric social networks. Mobile devices account for three-quarters of all the content shared on these networks. On Facebook, mobile is responsible for half of all content sharing.


The findings come on the back of a recent study by comScore indicating that 70% of all social media content sharing is occurring on smartphones and tablets. Mobile engagement on social media has jumped 55% over last year, and is largely driven by smartphone activity. Social interactions on desktop devices have fallen 5% between the first and second quarter of 2014.


Facebook, on the strength of its one billion monthly mobile user base, is responsible for 72% of all sharing on smartphones, while Twitter and Pinterest account for 14% and 12% respectively. As far as tablets are concerned, Pinterest has a healthy presence at 22% while the numbers for Facebook and Twitter are 64% and 7% respectively. The distinction in preference on different mobile devices is clearly evident.


In the content stakes, Facebook is the go-to network for politics and parenting while real-time conversions on Twitter focus on business and sports. On Pinterest, which is a female-dominated network (80% women vs 20% men) shopping is the most favored topic of discussion.


Facebook attracts a greater number of Android users while devices running on iOS are partial to Pinterest and Twitter. Demographically, mobile social engagement has increased among African Americans by 13% and Hispanics by 6%. At a time when mobile marketers are looking to increase mobile conversions, the statistics can help formulate better strategies.