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How to Schedule Tweets at the Right Time?

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Tweeting is a fairly tricky business. Knowing when to do so, can be even trickier. Timing plays a key role in how often people notice you on social media and whether they will take you seriously. This becomes even more complicated when you realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. What works for some may not necessarily work for you. Each Twitter handle has its own unique target audience. Finding ways to engage your target audience or getting others to retweet your tweets can drive you up the wall. However, there are ways and means to find out how you schedule tweets at the right time. Here are a few of them.

Use Analytics

Using analytics can go a long way in helping you schedule Twitter posts at the time when they are most likely to get the maximum exposure. You can use the Twitter analytics tool to figure out aspects such as the performance of your tweets, or the level of engagement that your tweets have received. You can also determine whether they have been retweeted, favorited, clicked, or replied to.

The analytics tool will also help you figure out certain patterns in the way your tweets are followed. It will tell you if your morning tweets receive more attention than your evening tweets or whether you tweets do better on weekends or weekdays. Using the results from the analytics tool, you can fine tune your tweet timings and optimize them to reach a wider audience.

Determine Location

Location also plays a key role in your tweet timing. Sharing your location can help add context to your tweet. Since there are multiple time zones, it is also necessary to know where your twitter followers are located and tweet according to their timings. If you have audiences in multiple geographical locations, it would do you good to use a social media management tool.

You can create specific Twitter handles for each region and monitor them using the tool. The tool will generate reports that will give you insights on which particular Twitter handle received maximum engagement and at what time your followers are engaging with your tweets. This will give you a clear idea on when to tweet.

Organize Twitter activity with social media management tools

There are plenty of tools out there to help you organize and schedule your tweets. Some of these tools also come with analytics which help you gain deeper insights about your tweets. Whether you run a personal Twitter handle or one for you company, these tools can prove to be very useful in optimizing your tweeting patterns.

Take Notes from the Pros

A good way to improve your tweet timing is to observe a few professional tweeters. Their tweeting habits can give you an idea on how to effectively use your Twitter handle and when to ideally tweet. You can study their tweeting schedules and note down at what time their tweets receive the most engagement. For instance, Guy Kawasaki tweets the same content at different times as a way to reach his audiences located in different time zones. This way he ensures that his tweets get maximum engagement from all his followers.

Apart from timing, you should aim to master a few other Twitter specific skills to ensure that you build a good following, one of them being the use of hastags. Read more here.