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How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

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Unlike Facebook, Twitter can be a tough playing field when it comes to promoting yourself. According to statistics, there are 6,000 tweets sent per second, which corresponds to a little over 350,000 tweets sent per minute. Your 140-character tweet can easily go unnoticed in the avalanche of tweets that are generated every day.

So, it comes down to this. How do you bring up the number of people that follow your Twitter handle. Well, unless you are Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, you will have to put in all the efforts necessary to increase your number of followers. Here are a few tips (ethical, of course) to help you get started on building that initial foundation of followers on Twitter.

Tweet consistently

Make it a habit – almost an addiction – to regularly check your Twitter account and to keep up the with Twitter related activities. A study has revealed that the frequency of tweets is directly linked to the number of followers a user gets on Twitter. Essentially, the more consistently you tweet, the more number of followers you are likely to get. Accounts that have tweeted more than 10,000 times have a higher number of followers falling between the ranges of 1000 to 5000. This initial stage will allow you to become more comfortable with using the platform, creating engaging content while staying within the 140 character limit, and using the appropriate Twitter lingo like hashtags, retweets, etc,.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with content on a regular basis due to lack of time, try signing up for a social media management application. There are many tools that discover relevant content, and post to the user’s social media accounts automatically.

Complete your Twitter profile

If you are a business trying to promote yourself, make your Twitter profile and bio as colorful and informative as you can. It is not going to help you much if your profile shows up on the Suggested Users page with an incomplete bio/description. Often underestimated, it is an excellent way of introducing yourself and your business to your followers.

Links to Twitter

Place a link that takes people to your Twitter profile across all social media platforms. You can even put a link in your email signature. Whenever you publish a blog post online, or comment on a blog, ensure that people can use a link that leads to your Twitter profile. Adding the link on your business card will not hurt either. This will actually help you get noticed, and increase your business/brand’s fan-base.

Follow, reply and mention

The best way to garner more followers is to reciprocate. When you start following people with similar interests, they will do the same, and your number of followers will increase automatically. Keep an eye out for Twitter users with the most followers, and observe what type of content they are putting out. If you find someone else’s tweets interesting, make sure you reply to them, or give them a mention in your tweet. Get involved in conversations and chats that take place regularly on Twitter. This is also an excellent way of gaining exposure and gathering more followers.

Whatever you do, DON’T buy followers!

This is a highly discouraged practice that involves following users until they follow you, and unfollowing those who do not follow you. This method can lower your edgerank score, and you might end up losing your credibility. There are tools like Fake Follower, which can analyze your list of followers and identify fake ones from the real ones.

Don’t spam your followers. Instead, engage them by making your content absolutely irresistible and see the numbers grow!

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