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How to Auto Tweet or Auto Post on Facebook

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When it comes to sharing valuable content on Twitter or Facebook, time plays an important role. It’s very important that you post content when the chances of readership are high. However, this approach can backfire on you if you spend all that precious time manually posting your content, individually, on every single social media platform.

Auto-posting your content on social media can make things much easier and more efficient. In fact, a recent analysis conducted by marketing software firm, HubSpot, showed that companies who auto-posted their blogs on social media saw a 50% increase in lead generation.

Use social media management tools to schedule content

There are plenty of content scheduling tools out there that can help you schedule your posts on Facebook and Twitter. For instance, content discovery and scheduling tool, DrumUp can reduce the time you spend on content management by up to 90%. The app uses sophisticated neuro-linguistic programming and machine learning algorithms to identify the share-worthy content and then prepares an ideal schedule to post it. All the user has to do is key in the keywords and the app takes care of the rest. Other great scheduling tools with varying features and functionality are Buffer, Hootsuite and SocialSprout.

Using social media plugins

Another way to auto-share your content on Facebook and Twitter is to use plugins. For example, Twitterfeed, an automation service, enables users to share RSS feeds from their blogs on Twitter.

You can also use WordPress plugins like ‘WP-AutoSharePost’ for the purpose. WP-AutoSharePost allows you to automatically share your blog posts on Facebook or Twitter. It also supports Bit.Ly URL shortening and has a feature called ‘CommentGrabber’ that, as the name suggests, grabs comments from the Facebook post and shares them back on your blog or website.

Auto-Posting from Facebook to Twitter

It is also possible to auto-share content or posts directly from Facebook to Twitter using in-built features within the social media platform. Facebook has an option where users can link their profiles with their Twitter account. All the user has to do is visit ‘’; fill up the necessary details and grant authorization where required. But before doing so, the user has to change their privacy settings on Facebook to public and switch on their app platform in the app settings.

With this option, users can share content on both social media channels simultaneously. They just have to log onto Facebook and post their content which will automatically show up in their Twitter feed. They can even choose what content or post is shared.

Auto-Posting on Twitter or Facebook

You can post your tweets automatically to Facebook by using the ‘Connect to Facebook’ option under Settings > Apps. Depending on whether Twitter or Facebook is main social media outlet, you can choose to connect one to the other.