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Facebook’s Mobile Referrals to Media Sites Surpass All Other Social Networks

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A new research by Quantcast has revealed that 24 per cent of mobile referrals to leading news and entertainment sites come from Facebook. This is more than the combined mobile referrals from all other social media. Twitter is a distant second, at 7 per cent, while Pinterest – which currently boasts 70 million users – came in third by accounting for 2 per cent of mobile referrals to the top 250 publishers measured in the study.


Facebook’s content strategy seems to have paid off well given that its in-app browser is the preferred third-party browser on iOs. In-app browsing accounts for a decent chunk of iOS pageviews, and the Facebook app makes up a big part of that figure. Mobile ads on the world’s most popular social network draw in almost 60 per cent of its advertising revenue. The latest survey also indicates that social media has overtaken search as the top source of mobile referrals to publishers in the news and entertainment industries.


Last October, Facebook had announced that its average traffic to referral sites had risen by 170 per cent in 2013. Mobile was responsible for over half of FB’s traffic to media sites in January 2014, according to a Shareaholic report. Overall, Facebook accounted for 16.2 per cent of site referrals.

Last week, the networking giant unveiled its new mobile ad network called ‘Audience Network’ to help advertisers target ads for particular apps more efficiently.