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Facebook & Twitter – Shaking Things Up!

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Facebook and Twitter are revamping themselves big time, and everyone is starting to notice the changes. Many Facebook users wish they were more in control of what does and does not appear in their Newsfeed. With the changes that Facebook has recently made to the Newsfeed, you can finally stop receiving notifications about your friend’s Saturday afternoon lunch, or their latest make-up haul. You can now easily ‘unfollow’ such status updates in a few simple steps, and receive only relevant posts in your Newsfeed. Relax! Unfollowing is not the same as unfriending. Your friends will never get a whiff of anything, and you can continue to be the best buddies you were without receiving those annoying posts. If you change your mind and would like to start getting status updates from someone you had previously unfollowed, Facebook has been extra generous and has also offered the option of ‘refollow’.

If you are rejoicing this new change, you will definitely love the fact that Facebook has made some adjustments to its algorithm, and has now put a stop to sharing promotional organic posts. Irrelevant and irritating promotional posts will no longer spam Newsfeeds, and users will be able to enjoy their Facebook experience without being told about the next big thing they absolutely have to buy. While this move may be great for users, it will definitely hurt businesses, forcing them to whip up clever content in order to get attention.

Along with making changes to improve user experience, Facebook has also altered their Terms and Conditions giving users access to information about privacy, and how their information is being used by Facebook. The new Terms and Conditions are easier to browse through, and also easier to understand.

While Facebook is quickly making these changes, Twitter is not too far behind. If you are a small business struggling to keep up with your Twitter marketing, the social networking service has just launched an application called Twitter Small Business Planner. The app will let users stay organized with the help of a daily calender that tracks tweet suggestions, marketing strategies, events, and tools on Twitter. It also lets users browse through relevant blog articles, case studies, success stories right in the application itself. Users can also sync up their other marketing devices with Twitter, making it easier to keep an eye on all ongoing marketing campaigns.