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Facebook Gets Into Holiday Spirit – Launches ‘Say Thanks’

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Like everyone else around this time of the year, Facebook has entered holiday-mode, and has launched a personalized greeting card service called ‘Say Thanks’. This service allows users to show their gratitude to friends, relatives, co-workers – the list is endless.

The service is easy to use and with it, users will be able to create simple and shareable videos within a matter of minutes. All you would have to do is visit the service page at and type in the name of the person you would like the video to be made for. You can pick a favorite theme, and choose relevant posts and photos that are representative of your friendship. Using the theme, posts and photographs, Facebook will put together a quick video montage which you will then be able to share on your timeline, and tag your friend so that they will be able to see it on their own timline.

Facebook’s new Say Thanks service is a fresh way to show your loved ones how grateful you are, and you can do it in more than one language. Other than in English, Facebook will be launching this service on desktops and mobile devices in French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and a few other languages.