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DrumUp’s Monthly Social Media Digest October

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Top Social Media Stories of October


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Here’s all the latest news from the social media universe with the ninth edition of our monthly digest. Facebook has introduced a ton of major changes to its mobile app. These updates include adding new features and improving current ones to make the app more functional for its users. Twitter has unveiled two new features that will have a drastic impact on the way it is used by content writers and marketers. LinkedIn has made some interesting changes to Groups. And we’ve been working on bunch of stuff to make DrumUp all the more delightful for you to use. Read on for more about all of that, and don’t forget to write back to us – we’d love to chat about all things social!

1. Facebook introduces new notifications tab on mobile devices

Facebook introduced a new notifications tab for mobile devices as part of its latest updates. The new tab contains everything you need to stay informed of the latest happenings within your network. It shows you your friends’ life events like birthdays, scores from sporting events, TV reminders based on the pages you’ve liked and your upcoming events. If you give the app access to your Location history, the new tab also shows you events in your neighborhood, the weather, movies playing near you and even places to eat. The update has started rolling out in the US and will be available in other countries soon. The tab gives Facebook the potential to become an integral part of your daily life, if it isn’t already. See Facebook’s official announcement here.

2. Facebook introduces improved search features for mobile devices

Facebook has updated the search features on its mobile app. When you search for a topic, the app will now show you real time, personalized suggestions. Events that are currently happening are highlighted in the search suggestions, making it easier for you to find them. The search results will also show you the most relevant public posts along with posts from your friends. These results are organized to help you find what you need, faster. The new search feature also lets you search for public conversations about a particular topic; see the most relevant quotes, and understand the general sentiment towards the topic. Here’s more about the new and improved search functionalities.

3. Twitter introduces Polls

Twitter Polls has also just been launched and it’s going to change the way content creators interact with their audience. The new feature allows you to create public polls about anything – from the names for your new pet to guessing which team might win the Premier League. It may just be the best place to get answers, or analyze your audience’s view on a matter to understand them better. You can currently create a poll with only 2 choices and it remains live for 24 hours, giving your audience ample time to respond. Get Twitter’s full announcement about the feature here.

4. Twitter officially opens Moments

Twitter’s other major update, came in early October when it introduced Moments, a new feature that shows you “the best of Twitter in an instant”. Moments helps you view and share the most relevant and current stories that are enhanced with a collection of images, videos and tweets from world leaders, popular local public figures and celebrities. You can also follow specific Moments that are updated constantly. Moments is currently available only in the US, but Twitter is working on making it available worldwide. Read about how it works in more detail here.

5. Facebook testing new Video features

Facebook has been busy at work finding more ways to keep you hooked with some fancy enhancements to how you experience videos within the platform. First, it has been experimenting with suggested videos for iPhone users. Will Catcart, the VP of Product Management at Facebook, says the feature has caused an uptick on the number videos being watched. All iPhone users globally, who’ve got access to suggested videos may also soon start seeing ads. Web and Android users (in that order) will get access to the new video experience over the next few months.

Additionally Facebook is working on a floating screen for videos that will allow users to multi-task even as they’re watching something. You’ll also soon see a button that will let you save videos to watch later, in case you’re in the middle of something else when you happen to stumble upon an interesting one. With so much emphasis on the video experience within Facebook you’re probably thinking it might as well just have a dedicated space for videos – and that’s happening too. Here’s what you can expect from Facebook’s version of YouTube.

6. LinkedIn Rebuilds Groups

All English-speaking web and iOS users of the new LinkedIn Groups app can now get more out of the virtual community they’re a part of. Aesthetically speaking, the new LinkedIn Groups is easier on the eyes thanks to the reduction in content clutter. The ability to add images and tag other group members enhances your experience of Groups. Visibility of conversations within groups is now restricted to members only, giving you a trusted space to network with peers. The app also learns your preferences, based on your acceptance of Groups’ suggestions, making it easier for you to discover the ones that are right for you. Here’s LinkedIn’s official announcement about the app.

7. LinkedIn shows off Project Voyager, its new flagship mobile app

Apart from building a dedicated iOS app for Groups, LinkedIn is treating its mobile users to an all new, flagship core app. Although it’s still being tested in Beta, the new mobile app holds some promise for LinkedIn in terms of appealing to an increasingly mobile-friendly user base. The tabs on the redesigned app, referred to as Project Voyager, include – Home, Messaging, Me, Search, and My Network. On Home, you’ll be seeing more updates that are accompanied with images, job search related updates have been moved to My Network, and Search results are now more intelligent. While all this sounds very exciting, Joff Redfern, the VP of Product, said BlackBerry and Windows phone users will not have access to the new app. Here’s more on what changes you can expect in LinkedIn’s core app.

What’s Up at DrumUp?

  • To keep the momentum and continue developing great features, DrumUp’s going paid with a free version available for single account maintenance. The paid versions come along with increased flexibility, no DrumUp branding on posts, and with the new feature of adding your favorite RSS feeds to your news stream. You can find more details on the plans here –
  • A new version of our Android app is also launched with some great new features, including the ability to read stories from within the app by clicking on the story title or link.

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