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DrumUp’s Monthly Social Media Digest May

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Top Social Media Stories of May


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We are back and we have brought along your monthly social media fix with us in the fourth edition of DrumUp’s monthly social media digest. This month of May, Twitter has been on a roll with updates and announcements one after the other. From acquiring a retail retargeter, to announcing global access to advertising campaigns – Twitter has been in the limelight all of this month. At DrumUp, we have been busy ourselves, and have launched the Android DrumUp app for content sharing and social media management on-the-go. Share your thoughts on DrumUp or say a hello – we always love to hear from you.

1. Facebook Messenger will Soon be a Gaming Hub

If chatting and video calls didn’t keep you glued to Facebook Messenger, their new announcement definitely will. If all goes as planned, users will soon be able to play games on their Messenger apps. As Facebook Messenger became a standalone app, many features such as video calls, online payments and more, have been added. The aim behind adding the gaming feature is to make the Facebook Messenger app more engaging so that users can spend more time being on it. Is the gamer in you excited yet?

2. Google’s Mobile App Can Now Search Tweets

Need to search out a tweet? Google’s Mobile app can help. Google and Twitter have partnered up to make it easier for users to find tweets directly in mobile searches and it seems that this is going to be a win-win situation for both Twitter and its users. Twitter will now be able to reach a wider audience, and its users can get a real-time feed on what’s happening around the world as well as in the Twittersphere. The updates will first roll out on mobile searches followed by Google’s usual web search. More by Google on searchability of tweets.

3. Facebook May Allow Businesses to Contact Consumers on WhatsApp

Businesses might soon be able to access user information on Facebook and interact with users on WhatsApp – for a price. Facebook is staying hush-hush on this matter for now, but it looks like Facebook will soon launch this B2C feature for WhatsApp. It remains to be seen how well this B2C feature fares on Whatsapp since the popular messaging app has traditionally avoided advertising options. Businesses’ dream come true?

4. Periscope Gets Over 1 Million Users in 10 Days

Twitter’s live streaming app racked up a whopping 1 million users within just 10 days from their launch. The app, which is very similar to Meerkat, received a lot of popularity and attention in the first few days, and it’s gaining more momentum due to its close partnership with Twitter. Periscope has done immensely well on iOS and is yet to be launched on Android. Periscope’s growth chart is phenomenonal.

5. Twitter Goes to DoubleClick to Help Improve Ad Revenue

Twitter has teamed up with Google’s ad management system, DoubleClick in an effort to fill up its unsold advertisement inventory. Once DoubleClick goes into action, users will have to put up with more ads on their feeds, while Twitter can finally rack up those advertising dollars – that have been lying around. DoubleClick and Twitter – the official announcement.

6. Twitter Makes Objective-based Campaigns Available Globally

Objective-based campaigns are now for everyone! After observing Twitter ads and how marketers make use of them, Twitter announced the launch of their objective-based campaigns last year in August. The Beta version was a success, and Twitter has now opened up the campaign for users, globally. Several advertisers have been enjoying the benefits of these campaigns, which allow them to choose from 6 marketing objectives, and only pay for the ones that help them accomplish their marketing goals. A look at the six objectives, and how you can build the campaign.

7. Twitter Acquires TellApart

Twitter announced on their blog, that it will be acquiring TellApart, a retail retargeting company with a strength of 80 people. Twitter has made this move in an effort to promote its “buy” button, and TellApart, can definitely lend a hand. The buy button, which allows users to sell/buy directly from within the app, is currently only available to a handful of Twitter users. With the help of TellApart, Twitter is giving its advertisers a chance to reach out to a wider range of users. Currently, the retail retargeting company works in association with major brands like Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and Neiman Marcus among others. Twitter’s official announcement on TellApart acquisition.

What’s Up at DrumUp?

  • Improved content recommendations: We are constantly working on delivering the most relevant and engaging content to your DrumUp content streams. This month, we have introduced some cool new improvements to the content recommendation algorithm, which will deliver even better and more focused suggestions.
  • DrumUp Android app beta launch: We have launched a beta version of the DrumUp Android app for content browsing and social media management on-the-go. The app comes with all your favorite DrumUp features and the convenience of managing your social accounts on mobile.

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