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DrumUp’s Monthly Social Media Digest February

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Top Social Media Stories of February


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As a social media marketer, we are sure you’d like to stay up to date with what’s happening and trending in the space. So we put together this social media digest, covering the top social media stories of the month, just for you! We hope you’ll enjoy our picks and continue showering your love on DrumUp. We have also included a bit about DrumUp developments and new features. Please do share your feedback – we love hearing from you!

1. Twitter Launched Quick Promote – Made Ads Easier for SMBs

Until now, users had to log into their accounts on ‘Twitter for Businesses’ to post paid content. With Quick Promote, you can now do so directly from the Twitter activity dashboard. You can also access real time analytics on the performance of the sponsored posts. A cool video that explains it all.

2. You Can Now Nominate an Heir to Your FB Profile

Facebook users in the US can now nominate an heir to their profiles ensuring that a loved one can access their account even after they’re gone. The feature is expected to be rolled out in other countries soon. Users can specify an heir on Facebook Security Settings. If users do not leave any instructions on how their account should be treated after they pass, Facebook will “memorialize” it by leaving the account frozen yet intact. Here’s how you can nominate.

3. Twitter Buys Niche to Expand its Advertising Offerings

Twitter is believed to have spent about $30 million to buy the start-up social media talent platform, Niche. The purchase adds power to Twitter’s offerings, which can now further monetize its advertising service on home ground as well as on other platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. The addition of Niche, which was set up in 2013, will prove to be an added benefit to Twitter advertisers. Interesting insights into the acquisition.

4. Twitter’s New ‘Instant Timeline’ will be Out in a Few Months

Up until now Twitter users had to go through the hassle of choosing a bunch of people or brands to follow to be able to see their tweets. But with the new ‘instant timeline’ the network will generate the feed on a user’s account by simply analyzing their contacts. The aim is to eliminate the time lag between following people and discovering tweets. Until users choose to follow specific accounts, they will continue to see tweets that Twitter thinks they may be interested in. An interesting read on this upcoming change.

5. Facebook Launches its First TV Ad Campaign in the UK

The latest Facebook ad campaign lauched in the UK, which includes billboards and TV ads, is more brand focused rather than product focused. The campaign, which was designed by Facebook’s own ad agency, The Factory, has three spots that focus on how the social media site helps in nurturing friendships. Looks like the social media giant is having to try harder than ever to maintain their market dominance! The UK Facebook Video Ad.

6. Twitter More Effective than Facebook for Social Media Marketing

According to a study conducted by Edelman, 67% respondents said that they found Twitter to be a more effective social media marketing platform compared to Facebook (55%) and LinkedIn (59%). The study also revealed that 87% marketers actively use Twitter for their campaigns as against 73% who use Facebook. However, 36% of them said that they thought Facebook was the most important marketing platform in contrast to 21% of them who voted in favor of Twitter. Study by Edelman.

7. Rumors of “Buy” button on Pinterest

If rumors are to be believed, people will soon be buying things on Pinterest, and not just pinning them. Developers at Pinterest are said to be working on a Buy button that will allow users to make a purchase without having to exit the app. Though more likely before that, in May, the app will be adding Promoted Pins to expand its advertising services. With all these developments, experts are waiting to see how the hobby-board app will evolve into a full-fledged e-commerce platform. More on the Buy button.


What’s Up at DrumUp?

  • We launched multiple dashboards for managing multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now users can have different settings and story feeds for each social media page, and will be able to manage all from a single DrumUp account.
  • We also rolled out several content recommendation improvements and added several new sources of interesting content to get you even better stories in your feed.
  • We published a Keyword Guide to help our users make the most of DrumUp. Do check it out.

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