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DrumUp’s Monthly Social Media Digest December

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Top Social Media Stories of the Month


Hello there!

2015 is drawing to a close, and it’s been a wonderful year for us, here at DrumUp. Since our initial release in January this year, we’ve been busy adding new features to simplify content curation and social media management for you. It’s been an exciting journey so far and we’re looking forward to bringing you more ways to optimize your social media presence in 2016.

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Here’s a wrap on all the noteworthy happenings and insights from the month.

1. Facebook Messenger now allows customer support through live chat

Facebook just increased its value proposition for businesses. The new feature on Messenger allows inbox integration with businesses’ websites letting visitors chat with customer service representatives. Typically, live chat software costs around $100 a month, but the Facebook Messenger plugin comes for free, making it all the more attractive for small businesses. Here’s how you can add the plugin on your website.

2. More changes to Facebook Pages for Businesses

Since its F8 conference in March this year, Facebook has been focusing on strengthening its utility for businesses. Furthering its vision to facilitate easy communication between brands and customers, it has made a series of changes to Pages including a new inbox, a tool to track comments, and a new status (Away) on Messenger to inform users in case you’re not offering support via Messenger at any time. Here’s more on how these features work.

3. Twitter continues to dabble with its timeline

Twitter is experimenting with its reverse timeline, again. It appears that the tests put tweets on some users’ timelines out of chronological order. While it seems like Twitter is going the Facebook way in trying to order tweets by quality, the larger implications of such a change are still unclear. As is the case with almost every change Twitter introduces, users are unhappy with this one too.

4. Content Marketing will be the biggest challenge for businesses in 2016, as per AMA

Marketing News conducted a survey in October this year, talking to almost 500 marketers and academics to understand their perceived challenges in the coming year. According to results of the survey, three of the biggest challenges in marketing are data and analytics, content marketing and business growth. Here’s the full report.

5. B2C marketers are seeing better results on Facebook, while LinkedIn is working well for B2B businesses

According to the latest reports from the Content Marketing Institute, 66 percent of B2C businesses find Facebook to be more effective. The same question in the context of B2B businesses saw 66 percent of the respondents favoring LinkedIn. The report also offers several other critical insights into content marketing trends for 2016 – do check it out before you figure out your content marketing strategy for the year ahead.

6. Young adults are more likely to read reviews and shop on their smartphones, recent survey reveals

A recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that shoppers in the age bracket of 18-34 years use their smartphones more extensively for shopping, than those in the age group of 35-54 years. The study which analyzes the gap between smartphone and tablet usage notes some interesting usage trends across various age groups.

Top 3 tips from the DrumUp Blog this month

1. Post content according to the social media network you’re on

Different types of content work well across different social platforms, and Taylor Swift knows this well. There’s also a bunch of other stuff she’s doing right, and you could emulate her model with ease because it’s that straight-forward.

2. Focus on building a community

Although Sean Murphy shared this tip with us when we spoke to him about how eCommerce businesses can better manage their content marketing efforts, it’s one that’s relevant to every business, all the time.

3. Spend some time on your image captions – they affect engagement

All of us know how important visual content is, especially on social media. But there are several aspects to using images effectively – image captions is one that is sometimes easily ignored.

What’s Up at DrumUp?

  • We’ve added a search box on the left panel to help you find a specific account with more ease
  • You can now schedule a post to all accounts using the ‘Select All’ option
  • We’ve dded German, French and Spanish sources for wider coverage. All you have to do is update your Country setting to get suggestions in the respective languages.
  • We’ve introduced exact keyword match, so you can refine your results with the use of double-quotes (“”) on your Keyword settings. Check out our Keyword Guide for examples and dos and don’ts
  • We’ve made a bunch of front-end changes to give you a better experience on DrumUp – easier navigation with sticky menu and scheduled posts segregated by date and day.

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