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DrumUp Employee Advocacy Case Study

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IT Services & Products Organization


A multinational mobile and telecom IT services and products company.


1. The client had tried several informal and formal ways to encourage employees to talk about the brand and share company content on social media, with little success. Both organization of the advocacy effort and momentum building was proving to be a tough, ineffective battle.

2. Despite the high quality content being created, the overall visibility of the company content was very low, with hardly any shares on social media, except the few from the official accounts.

A technology solution that seamlessly connects employees to the brand and company content, and makes social sharing very easy and simple was an imminent need of the hour.

DrumUp Implementation & the Program:

We worked with the client to identify the key objectives of the program, and helped them chart out their launch, communication, content and on-going program management strategy.

Key process automation was also set up (such as automatic content pulls from the blog feed and select social feeds) to reduce ongoing program management effort. In addition, we also assisted the client with creation of the program guidelines and launch communication, which helped them launch their employee advocacy program quickly.

The DrumUp platform is built for quick and hassle-free onboarding of employees. The app sign-up and onboarding process takes under 10 seconds and the employees can immediately start sharing once in. Coupled with helpful starter emails, very high employee activation rates were achieved during the implementation. The client’s employee advocacy program took off phenomenally with shares pouring in from the employees from the very first day of the launch.

A monthly contest rewarding the top advocates was also set-up. The contest run on our advanced gamification module, gave employees the visibility of their activity compared to others, which created a healthy competitive spirit to share more and gave a huge boost to the ongoing momentum of the program.

Why DrumUp Worked:

•The ease of sharing on social media and accessibility to content is very high. DrumUp’s 1-click sharing option to multiple social channels from the web app, mobile app and daily emails was a huge hit in this implementation.

•DrumUp also drove higher platform engagement because of a customizable industry content feed available to all employees. Employees used it to stay up-to-date with the industry news and trends, and curate content for their social media presence.

•The DrumUp platform is highly flexible, and gives employees several scheduling and post customization options. This allowed employees to add their voice to the company suggested content, and manage an active and time spread-out social presence.

Results & Impact:

The program was hugely successful with a high volume of social shares and employee activation rate. Employee engagement also increased noticeably with several employees lauding the initiative, and coming up with great suggestions for the program.

Some key program results:

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