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Double Reward For Those Who Find Flaws With Facebook Ads

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Pointing out imperfections and flaws in Facebook’s advertising can make you win a reward from Facebook. After a recent security audit that was conducted, there were many flaws found and fixed. Facebook announced that it will be rewarding developers who can spot security flaws in their advertising code.

Facebook had decided to award $500 to any developer who reported a proper security bug. However, the social media giant has raising the stakes, and is now offering a reward of $1000 for spotting problems in their advertising code. Facebook’s security engineer has said that they have fixed a lot of the flaws which surfaced during their security audit, but that they would like to hear from other whitehats – in case they missed something.

Whitehats, is a word used to refer to researchers who work ethically, whereas Blackhats are ones who would rather take advantage of something like a security flaw, and use it for their benefit.

Another reason why Facebook is handing out the opportunity for developers to spot something amiss, is because they would like developers to better understand how Facebook ads work, and ensure the security of business who use the ads to promote themselves.

Facebook has always been under fire for overlooking certain security and privacy issues. Some of the security issues include identity theft because of insecure information exchange, and more.

With recent security problems, and as a way of redemption, Facebook has been quick to launch a new Satefy Check Tool earlier this week. This tool allows users to check in and inform everyone of their safety in case of a natural disaster. According to Facebook, it is a way of connecting directly with family, especially during testing times.