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Creating A Block–buster Content Marketing Strategy for Twitter with 3 Powerful Tools

Twitter has the potential to help you reach your audience and grow your business. There are actionable ways for you to achieve those things by optimizing your social media marketing approach and performance right this instant.

Drawing on my experience as a growth strategist at Hashtagify, I’ve come up with a very specific strategy to help you achieve an improved performance on Twitter while also boosting your productivity. Let’s get started!

Why content marketing is essential to any business

Your business’ website benefits you only so much. With a content strategy you can extend your reach beyond just your site. People are always searching for answers – and using content, you can provide them with answers, powerfully connect with them, and maintain, retain and grow your audience.

Information is useful, but knowing what to do with information is priceless. Content is especially valuable because you can teach people useful skills through it.

70% of people say they’d rather learn about products through content rather than traditional advertising. That’s why you absolutely have to have a content marketing strategy. But just how do you apply it to marketing on Twitter?

Why frequent posting is unavoidable

Twitter has the ability to provide your potential audience with reason(s) to stay and engage with your brand. However, the probability of your followers reading every Tweet is not a 100%. To enable more of them to read your content you have to post frequently. But can you create more than a few articles per month? If you can’t, you need something to fill that gap.

Most companies tweet thrice a day. An active social account would post five times a day. Ideally you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience with a larger number of posts.

When posting to Twitter, you have to take into consideration your audience’s location, time zone and the best time to post. You could use Twitter’s analytics to discover who your main targeted audiences are, where they are coming from and why.

Sourcing content and saving time on social media posting using DrumUp

Once you have determined when and what to post, it is time to schedule your posts. DrumUp lets you schedule posts to the date and time.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 15.26.54

If it is an important post, you could set it on a repeat schedule or bookmark it in their content library for future use.

If you’ve decided to post three times a day and everyday, that’s 90 posts a month! Unless you are confident of creating that volume of content, you should curate the right content.

Social media is meant for you to provide expertise and a wealth of knowledge, even if it isn’t yours. You get to say I’ve read this article and want to share it with you. Social media marketing isn’t only about “I have all the resources”, but to spread good insights and build great rapport with your audience.

DrumUp sources the latest content on a daily basis, so there’s an immense amount of content to choose from. Sourcing content from here is easier than browsing multiple sites, bookmarking content and then sharing it on social media. With DrumUp, you can schedule right out of content recommendations stream.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 15.25.18

Whether you’re a dedicated social media manager or handle extra responsibilities, you would want to have the best output and productivity. So why waste time shuffling between sites? If you want to select content from RSS feeds, the app allows you to attach multiple RSS feeds and do that too, from a single window.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 15.29.45

Optimizing content for maximum reach on Twitter with Hashtagify

Once you have the content and postings figured out, the next step is to optimize your content to gain maximum visibility. provides hashtag analytics that indicate just how effective your hashtags are.


Think of Hashtags with SEO in mind. You could use related hashtags (similar hashtags) so people who are looking for specific ones could possibly come across yours. For example, you can use #Travel and associate your own brand such as, #TravelwithGuo. In the social world, people use hashtags to look for similarity, related words/hashtags, to find fresh content and new ideas.


Hashtags are key to content marketing and branding success on social media. You can start developing key phrases to make people associate with what you’re referring to in your business with other popular hashtags. Additionally, you can also create exclusive hashtags that focus on brand recognition and/or different topics based on your expertise.
For example #TravelwithGuo or #TravelChatwithGuo. helps you track, analyze and amplify your hashtags. If you are having a hard time with creating impressions on social media, the app helps you identify the best hashtags to get you recognized. Additionally, the app also helps you identify Twitter and Instagram posts related to specific hashtags daily to retweet and create engagement.


Visually optimizing your Twitter posts with Pixabay

Visuals are a must for any social media post. There are several studies to prove that visuals improve engagement numbers.

For Twitter 440*220 is the optimum in-stream image size. Ensure that all your images are smaller or exactly fit this size to avoid them being cut off to fit the display. If you’re finding it hard to source images for posts, you could use a creative commons image resource like Pixabay. Pixabay is an online free resource of over 720,000 high-quality images, vectors and illustrations. With simple keyword based searches on this site you can find relevant images for free commercial use.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 15.30.58

Always ask yourself what value the image is adding to the post, and remember to attribute the owner of the image.

When you add an image in a creative context, it is likely to attract attention and make your post look intriguing. For example, look at this post.

4 Scary Things That You Must Avoid on Social Media at All Costs

The image instantly draws your attention.

An integrated content discovery and reach optimization strategy

DrumUp can help you source content, manage, store and schedule it, while Hashtagify can optimize hashtag performance for better engagement and help you reach out to a larger audience. For your visuals, a quick search on Pixabay can help you add color to your posts which will hold the attention of your audience to your post longer.

Author Bio: This article was contributed byJerry Guo, Growth Strategist at and a former Newsweek Journalist.