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A 2014 survey of 9000 small and medium non-profits by Hubspot revealed that almost all of them found social media to be valuable in their marketing efforts. With an opportunity to reach out to millions of people at a time, social media can be extremely useful in spreading the word about a cause. As a..

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool in the hands of a marketer. But it requires special skill, experience and persistent effort. Investing effort in learning more about it and hearing from the experts can give you a competitive advantage – it is with this motivation that we have put together the ultimate list of..

It’s great to be your own boss and run your company on your own terms, but with having a home business comes the responsibility of marketing yourself and your company effectively. Those who don’t consider marketing to be their forte, turn to traditional marketing methods – which can often burn a hole in your pocket…

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With so much being written and said about social media, its impact and marketing potential, it’s useful to know the experts and thought leaders. To this end, we put together a list of social media marketing experts and influencers, their Twitter handles, and a little about them and their interests. Hope you find the resource helpful –..

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SocialTimes: Get all the latest updates on social media, TV news, PR, publishing, print, digital, newspapers, magazine and much more from nine of the industry’s top websites all on one blog! ReadWrite: Richard MacManus’s blog gives tech lovers all the latest information and updates on technology. He is a genius at predicting what’s next in..