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Late July 2015, Brandwatch shared an interesting study in which 2.3 billion people, forming roughly 31% of the world, were classified as active social media users. Further, Erik Qualman’s #Socialnomics– a really popular video series compilation of social data, revealed that 93%  of the buying decisions of these users relied on social media influences. Additionally, as..


Stories of travel are increasingly finding their way into social media channels and conversations. Last year, Adweek conducted a survey amongst travelers, which revealed that 76% of the participants shared their own travel experiences and pictures on social media while 52% of them admitted to planning vacations inspired by the shares in their social circles…

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IT Services & Products Organization Client: A multinational mobile and telecom IT services and products company. Challenges: 1. The client had tried several informal and formal ways to encourage employees to talk about the brand and share company content on social media, with little success. Both organization of the advocacy effort and momentum building was..