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5 Components of a Social Media Strategy for Authors


As an author, you are playing on home turf when you are writing a book. However, when it comes to being active on social media, it can be a whole different ballgame. If you are one of those who can pen down a short story at the drop of a hat, but can’t find the time to publish a line or two on your social media pages, having a strong social media strategy can prove to be beneficial. Social media is a sure-fire way to market yourself and your work on a platform where you are being noticed by millions of people. Being able to identify your audience on social media, is the best way to start off on your journey to success. Here are a few must-have components to have in your arsenal when you are charting out your social media strategy.

1. Determining your audience and building a platform
For an author, writing a best-selling book is like nirvana. But you also need to start building your social media profiles when you start writing your book – don’t keep it for later. Building a strong profile takes time, and it is better to start earlier than later. Choose a social media platform where you think your targeted audience spends most of its time, and create a profile on that platform. The whole point of starting out early is so that you can send out updates about your upcoming book, and get your fans excited for the date of the book launch.

2. Creating engaging profiles
When creating your profile page, think of it as writing an advertisement. To effectively promote yourself, ensure that your profile is upbeat, interesting and has complete information. If you choose to go with Facebook, create a separate page for yourself apart from your regular profile. This is where you can promote your book. Leave out any personal details on this page, since your followers are more interested in your work. Use a high quality image of yourself for your profile picture, and don’t use images of your pet, or friend or your lunch.

3. Curating content
It is extremely important to post content regularly on your social media profiles to show your followers that you are an active user and are open for interaction. We admit, posting content regularly, means looking for fresh content – which can be difficult when you are trying to write a book. But, you don’t have to be Superman and try to do everything yourself. Use a content discovery tool to curate content on a regular basis, and schedule the posts to go out every day. This saves you time without having to compromise on the quality of your social media profile. You can also add some variety to your content by alternating between text, videos and images.

4. Interacting on social media
The content you post on your social media profiles is sure to spark a conversation. If it is not doing that, then you are probably doing something wrong. The best way to really get to know your followers is to have a conversation with them online. If someone posts a comment on your shared posts, be sure to reply to the comment. Avoiding these comments will make you look disconnected. You should also reciprocate by sharing someone else’s posts or following someone who is following you.

5. Blogging
Here is where you get to do what you do best. Create content related to your books, and maintain a blog. You can share writing tips and advice with your fans, and also provide them with information about your upcoming book. You can also start quizzes or organize giveaways via blogging. Be sure to link your blog to your social media accounts so that every time you publish a post, your followers can get updates on their social media pages.

Social media holds a vital place in any marketing strategy, and it is no different for an author trying to promote his/her book. It might be a little difficult when you are just starting out, but once you get the hang of it, you are more likely to enjoy the entire process. Keep trying out new things, and engage in various conversations with your followers. See where it takes you!

Image Credit: Faungg’s photos via flickr