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21+ Incredibly Useful Slack Integrations, Bots & Tools for Internet Marketers


Slack is the perfect platform for intercommunication between individuals and groups of people, and that’s why software developers identified it as the perfect host for integrations that perform a variety of functions. By integrating marketing, sales and productivity apps with Slack, developers enabled easy sharing of information and streamlined the process of collaboration across departments.

This post describes over 21 Slack integrations, bots and tools that you can use to streamline your marketing, sales and team management.

Slack integrations for social media and content marketing, content development and promotion, social media monitoring and analytics

Social media and content marketing, content development and promotion, etc. are all time consuming jobs. If you have to start at scratch and create strategy, get approval, plan, execute and analyze, and keep your team in the loop, it will take some balance between isolated work and collaboration.

The following Slack integrations can help you get that effortlessly, from your desk.

1. DrumUp

Today, your personal brand matters. DrumUp’s Slack integration can help you and your teammates stay on top of the latest news, trends and techniques in your niche and schedule suggested posts (right from Slack) to your social media accounts.

Company ambassadors like C-suite executives and managers and client facing employees like sales and support executes, can build a certain authority over time using DrumUp’s suggestions.

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2. Trello

Creating a lot of content? Blog and social media posts, event announcements, posters, sales material and brochures, product tutorials and FAQ, etc. all fall under content marketing. Get your content right, and you raise the likelihood of conversions and client retention. However, managing multiple content creation projects can be a nightmare.

Trello for Slack lets you create project cards, assign work, set deadlines, receive files and communicate with people during the process. Imagine doing all of this via a mobile phone from anywhere you are.

3. GrowthBot

Do you know how many shares your competition’s blog posts are getting? Which keywords they are ranked for organically? Which paid keywords they are currently bidding for? GrowthBot gives you answers to these questions via chat.

A free-flowing app, GrowthBot can have tons of applications based on how you use it. You can also use the app to find email addresses, fetch Google Analytics data or provide an overview on a company.

4. GetResponse

eCommerce company or not, your company probably uses email marketing, a lot. If you want to keep an eye on vital stats of your email campaign without having to check your email marketing software from time to time, Slack’s integrations can help.

GetResponse’s Slack app lets you track subscribes and unsubscribes, the completion of campaigns, opens and clicks in the first 24 hours and opens and clicks for selected campaign.

If you’re a MailChimp user, you can use its Slack integration instead.

5. Marker

Ever come across great ideas while browsing that you want to quickly share with teammates? Chances are that if you put off sharing them for later, you might forget or lose the ideas. Marker is a Chrome extension that lets you take screenshots, add annotations and share them.

Slack’s Marker integration allows you to share screenshots directly to Slack channels.

6. Mention

Why monitor your brand on social media if you can’t respond real-time? Most people expect brands to respond within an hour of being mentioned, and that can be tricky if you are stuck in meetings or with work all day.

Mention is a social media monitoring app with a Slack integration that delivers real-time alerts each time your brand or a keyword of your interest is mentioned. The tool also pulls up summary reports for your team to review within Slack channels.

7. Statsbot

Analytics need not be a once-in-a-month or save-the-ship-from-sinking affair. With Statsbot’s Slack integration, you can have data delivered to Slack channels.

Statsbot retrieves data from Google Analytics, MixPanel and SQL accounts and delivers them to Slack channels of your choosing. The tool also offers real-time alerts for spikes in data and data analysis via chatting on Slack channel.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive offers secure storage for files shared via Slack. With this integration, you can share files and access them from anywhere, collaborate with teammates seamlessly and do all of this without leaving your Slack channels.

Create Google Docs (or Sheets, Slides) and list the people who should have access to them, so you can control who can access your files and what level of access they can have.

9. PredictHQ 

An important part of reaching niche target groups is knowing what matters to them – important holidays and events. Knowledge of local events can also help your team find opportunities to network with the right people.

Using PredictHQ, yet another Slack integration, you can set up real-time alerts for events concerning anything from public holidays to natural disasters that you think will affect your business.

10. Monkey Test It 

As a small business owner, your resources are limited. When you launch your website, it’s likely that you don’t have a team of software testers to clear it for you.

Monkey Test It is a Slack integration that lets you summon “monkeys” to test your website. The monkeys identify common and overlooked mistakes like broken links, JavaScript errors, missing files etc., so you can tend to them and fix them.

Slack integrations for lead generation, prospecting, strategic partnerships and sales

Lead generation, prospecting and sales are jobs that require working with people, understanding them and building strategic partnerships. Doing all of that can be tricky when you are bogged down by day to day tasks.

The following Slack integrations can help you automate and simplify certain tasks, enabling you to generate more sales.

11. Intro

Networking. Which is an integral part of sales, has now moved online. While people still meet face to face, many sales personnel use online platforms and resources to gain extra mileage.

Intro is a Slack integration that allows sharing of contact information. You can not only see your teammates’ profiles on Intro, but also see the information of the contacts they choose to add. This activity creates a sort of central repository of contacts for your sales and HR teams to work with. The app is also searchable by contact name, company name and other important details.

12. ClearBit

Even if your marketing is working and you are getting a constant flow of traffic to your website, your business is not likely to grow unless you convert that traffic. To convert that traffic, you need intelligence.

ClearBit is a Slack integration that alerts you about every email signup. The alert is accompanied by a detailed profile of each individual (collated using multiple sources on the internet) so you and your team can identify and pursue high potential prospects.

13. MadKudu

The MadKudu Slack integration functions like ClearBit does, with a few differences. MadKudu is event focused, so you get notified when important events have taken place.

Timing is an important part of sales. It can be the difference between winning and losing your customer. MadKudu sends Slack notifications so you know when a high potential customer has signed up, or when a customer has been engaged for a sufficient amount of time to consider buying.

14. DataFox

It’s useful to watch competition and game changers in your industry for drastic changes in management or expansion or business direction.

DataFox is a Slack integration that alerts you when key trigger events occur involving companies that are important to you. These events could include a change of location, headcount, revenue, sector, etc., so you can stay informed and use that knowledge to make better decisions for your company.

Slack integrations for team management, communication & morale

Collaboration can be tough without the right communication channels and support. Slack is great for communication, but its integrations take team management, communication and encouragement to the next level.

The following is a list of apps for information storing and retrieval, in-app video conferences, morale-boosting, etc. Each of these apps can help you make working in a team easier, more fun and rewarding.

15. Tettra

Knowledge storing and transfer can be chaotic without organization. Where do you store operational files? Do you spend a lot of time locating and transferring files among teammates?

Tettra is a Slack integration to catalogue all files shared via channels, so you can easily browse through and locate them when necessary. Every file created on Tettra can be labelled, appointed “owners” and kept track of effortlessly.

16. Giphy

Relationship building is an important aspect of team management, because well-knitted teams are better placed to perform well than those that are afflicted with friction. What does relationship building have to do with GIFs? You may have wondered as much.

Giphy’s Slack integration adds fun to communication and allows your team members a certain freedom of expression. While some office environments are uncomfortable with being casual, others add elements of fun like Giphy to their communication and interactions and experience its benefits. Ultimately, the choice is personal, and you should decide to do what you think is best.

17. Google + Hangouts

Instant messaging from your desk may seem enough to communicate with your team, but sometimes, you need to see them. If you’re working in a large organization on different floors, or in a small remote organization, it’s difficult to see them in person.

Google + Hangouts has a Slack integration that lets you voice and video call teammates right from the app. You can even Hangout with the members of a channel. Need an instant meeting? It’s no longer a problem. Your teammates can easily stop what they are doing and get on a call with you anytime, from anywhere.

18. Tomatobot 

Concentrating on tasks can be difficult, in a world where we are constantly distracted by notifications from emails, websites and apps. One of the ways to combat these distractions is with a productivity app.

Tomatobot is a Slack integration that can help you track your working progress using the Pomodoro method. You can set up alerts to remind you when it’s time to take a break and record your distractions on the app, so you can review them at a later time to improve your productivity.

19. Humblebot

When you work in a stressful environment, it becomes easy to forget to stay patient, be kind and nice to everybody you work with. Every lapse of judgement or weakness in terms of behavior has real consequences that most of us ignore.

Humblebot is a Slack integration that helps you begin the day with strongly positive, productive advice. It’s usually something nice that you can do during the day for others, like sending someone a thank you note or asking for their opinion. This bot can provide your team with a dose of positivity for each day.

20. Simple Poll

Need to run a quick decision by teammates but can’t spend an hour gathering them for a meeting? You can easily enquire about their preferences via Slack.

Simple Poll is a Slack integration that lets you create polls for channel members to participate in. The integration also lets you add fun emojis to make the polling process less intense and more fun.

21. Lunch Train

Team outings are an important activity for morale. However, creating plans that fit into everybody’s day can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t want to enforce decisions.

Lunch Train is a Slack integration that you can use to make planning fun and not forced. You can start a lunch train using the slash command and your teammates can join the train if and when they please. Each person who joins also receives a reminder when it’s time to depart for lunch.


Slack is probably the only chat app that has these many integrations. Using them will not only make so many of your marketing, sales and team management tasks easier, but also help you interact with your team members in a better way.

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