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Archives : Jan-2019

We want you to do a simple comparison. Take a look at your business’s combined social media audience and compare it to the number of people on your email subscription list. It may be slightly presumptuous, but we’re quite confident that your overall social media reach vastly outweighs your email subscription list. It’s not like..


If you’re a real estate professional and you aren’t utilizing social media to expand your business, you’re missing the boat. But you’re too busy making cold calls, knocking on doors, and running open houses to find time for Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. At the surface it makes sense. Real estate success still hinges upon..


In the age where successful marketing requires a lot more than convenience to turn prospects into customers, employee advocacy can be a winning formula for growing your business. How? To understand the benefits of employee ambassadors, we don’t have to look further from just a few statistics: Social proof: 77% of consumers are more likely..