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Archives : Nov-2015

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Top Social Media Stories of November   Hello there! The social media space has, as usual, been abuzz with new developments this month, and here we are bringing you all the stuff you need to know. Facebook’s focus has been on enabling people to do more good, while it’s also surging forward in the area..

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If you always second guess yourself on whether you should include images in your social media posts, you can stop the guesswork and start adding the images. According to statistics, Twitter posts that include images see 18% increased clicks, 89% more favorites, and a whopping 150% more retweets. Most B2B marketers have admitted to using..

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You may not be able to whip up a fancy Monica Geller-style Thanksgiving dinner every year (who doesn’t like a reference to Friends) complete with napkins folded in the shape of swans, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and of course the stuffed turkey, but you can surely pull off a superb Thanksgiving campaign on social media..

TL;DR: AI is coming. We’ve been hearing this claim for many years now. But you know what, this time it really is coming. And you need not be afraid. Just be prepared. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been one of the dreams of science. It is often depicted as a major milestone of technology development..

Social media marketing has become an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy and the scenario is no different for insurance agencies either. Many insurance agencies are currently using social media to promote their services and various insurance plans, but this is probably doing more harm than good. While you can utilize social media networks..

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TL;DR: Relying too much on Google puts a business at serious long-term risk. Invest in other tactics like content marketing, social media marketing, and most importantly building customer loyalty to survive a decline in Google’s dominance. Google is a behemoth. It is valued at more than $500 billion and according to analysts, the company could..

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If you are getting stuck in your thoughts, not making headway on a problem or being generally unproductive at work – take a break and head out without any hang-ups. Doesn’t have to be a long break – trust me short ones (even a day outdoors) can let you live more and find yourself more..

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There is a direct relationship between the content you share on Twitter and the engagement it receives – the better your content, greater the engagement. However, with just 140 characters at your disposal, crafting a good tweet needs some thought and practice. Here are five essential elements of a tweet that will get you noticed:..

Social media management can take a toll on you at times. Imagine having to log in to each one of your accounts to create posts, publish content, engage with followers and follow up on social media conversations. Let’s face it: keeping up to date on all your social media accounts is not an easy task…