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Archives : May-2015

Top Social Media Stories of May   Hi there! We are back and we have brought along your monthly social media fix with us in the fourth edition of DrumUp’s monthly social media digest. This month of May, Twitter has been on a roll with updates and announcements one after the other. From acquiring a..

Scheduling your tweets is great way to ensure that your brand’s voice on Twitter remains active consistently. Tweeting in real-time demands a lot of effort and sometimes interferes with you work schedule in a more-than-manageable way. Scheduling tweets in advance helps you overcome this hurdle with much ease. Here are a few tips on how..

As an author, you are playing on home turf when you are writing a book. However, when it comes to being active on social media, it can be a whole different ballgame. If you are one of those who can pen down a short story at the drop of a hat, but can’t find the..


Managing social media accounts can sometimes feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole. While having to post content on multiple accounts is a time consuming task in itself, it takes only a few seconds before you’re lost in the myriad of notifications and posts shared by others. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are..

It’s great to be your own boss and run your company on your own terms, but with having a home business comes the responsibility of marketing yourself and your company effectively. Those who don’t consider marketing to be their forte, turn to traditional marketing methods – which can often burn a hole in your pocket…

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One of the most important objectives of creating a Facebook landing page is to increase conversions. A landing page can determine the success of your Facebook ad campaign. To create a great landing page you must optimize both your design and copy. Here are five key aspects that you must pay attention to while creating a..

If you are not a big fan of having to search for fresh and relevant content for your social media accounts, social media automation can be a huge blessing. Many small-business owners find it difficult to make time for posting new content to their social media pages – especially when they have multiple pages that..

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B2B marketers use social media to the same end as B2C marketers – to sell more, and a majority of marketers would agree that social media marketing is indispensable for businesses today. A recent report released by the Content Marketing Institute reveals that 70 percent of the businesses surveyed are producing more content now, than..