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Archives : Jan-2015

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There’s an extremely easy way for you to get thousands of Twitter followers over a short span of time – you could just buy them. But there are two (if not any more) problems with that – first, buying followers will do nothing to improve engagement and second, there are tools that can detect whether..

Posted in : News & Trends on, a voice and speech recognition startup that was founded 18 months ago, announced on Monday that it will be acquired by Facebook. Neither of the companies have revealed a price figure for the deal. The social media giant will be making use of’s speech and natural language processing services to introduce voice features..

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We have officially wrapped up the year 2014 and said goodbyes to all the mistakes made. It’s the new year, and marketers will want to venture out in new directions and experiment with their strategies. This past year saw a number of fabulous social media marketing campaigns, but it also had its fair share of..