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11 Quick Fixes for Your Dead Social Media Page

Social media marketing is not a ‘tactic’; it is a sustained process of establishing an authoritative voice through effective engagement. Every conversation or interaction on social media must inform, educate or entertain in some way : it is this value that will encourage your audience to return to your social media pages and engage with them. That’s why businesses need a social media plan that guides their activities, which in turn, are linked to specific, measurable goals.

Nobody said ecommerce social media marketing was going to be easy. Consistent efforts are necessary to leverage social conversations for lead generation, sales and brand-building.

That being said, small businesses may not have the time or resources for SMM. A crucial task – creating and sharing content – may not be feasible on a day-to-day basis. As high priority tasks take precedence and social media pages are inevitably ignored, engagement will die out and your fans and followers will start wondering what’s up with you. They may visit your website to confirm if you’re still in business and perhaps check if you’ve stayed current on your blog.

You don’t want to keep your audience second-guessing about the state of affairs and lose them to a close competitor. Resuscitate your dead social media pages with a few quick fixes, picking up from where you left off.

1. Check how ‘dead’ your pages really are

Use a social media analytics tool to review basic metrics such as : number of visitors, fans and followers; quality and quantity of comments, search engine ranking position, and leads generated. This will be your starting point since you went off the radar, and serve as reference against future results as soon as you restart your SMM activities. You will also get a clear idea of what is working and what isn’t, to be able to incorporate the right changes quickly.

2. Update your cover photo

One of the easiest ways to announce that ‘you’re back’ is to refresh your Twitter cover and Facebook timeline. It is the first thing people see when they land on the page, and a new look will signal that you’re active once again. The choice of image is up to you, but you definitely want to pick something that communicates your brand ethos or celebrates a new milestone. If you’ve recently won an award, expanded your business, launched a new product/service, the cover can reflect these achievements.

3. Host a contest

A contest or giveaway is an excellent opportunity to spark interest in your brand. Fans and followers will be pleasantly surprised – they may feel like you’re making up for your absence, and decide to participate. Some Facebook users enter every contest they see. If you can attract even a few of these folks, your page is likely to get a big dose of buzz. Caption, photo submissions, video contests and sweepstakes are some popular options. Choose a prize keeping your ideal customer in mind. If you’re a restaurant, offer a free meal for two. If you’re an electronics retail store, offer a smartwatch or a Kindle.

4. Manage your Twitter lists

Has your Twitter feed become boring? It could be a result of following too many accounts yet getting tweets from just a handful of them. You can maximize value from your Twitter engagement only if you’re communicating with potential customers/clients. It is possible that some or many of the accounts may have become inactive, and aren’t of much use to you. Clean up your Twitter lists by unfollowing inactive accounts and focus on acquiring quality followers. Twitter shows you who your followers follow and the top 10 interests of your followers, including the top 5 most unique interests. Examine this data to identify quality people on the site and connect with influential followers.

5. Add image posts

It is a well-established fact that colored images increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content on social media. On an average, photos get a 35% boost in retweets. Share a photo that communicates your brand story or captures the environment at your office. If the image will be accompanying an important message – whether that concerns your brand or communicates a trending or debated topic such as climate change – use the rich templates at Canva for maximum visual impact.

6. Include numbers and quotes

Numbers and quotes are more likely to be read and understood quickly. For this reason, quotes get a 19% boost in retweets while including a number increases retweets by up to 17%. See if you can share a relevant statistic or present numerical data from your own case studies.

7. Add hashtags

Hashtags make your tweets more searchable. They can also boost retweets by 16%. These tips can help you find the right hashtags :

Find hashtags being used by influencers in your niche
Use to view popular hashtags
Check what’s trending on Twitter at the moment, and capitalize on a trending hashtag relevant to your business

8. Respond to your fans

Give a shout-out to a fan who has been constantly engaging with your Facebook page. If you’ve left some queries or comments unanswered, this is the time to respond, with a quick apology for the late response. Start a conversation by asking a question or creating a poll.

9. Elicit suggestions from fans

A good way to engage fans is to solicit suggestions from them on your logo or website design. If you’re planning to adopt a pet, include fans in the ‘pet naming’ process or make it more interesting by posting your pet’s photo and having them pick a famous fictional character to name him/her after.

10. Reuse older, evergreen content

Repurposing content is the next best thing to creating fresh posts. Repost an evergreen piece of content to all your social networks. Spend a few minutes going through you blog content to find posts that can be quickly updated with new information and published to social media.

11. Use a content curation app

A quality content curation app is a convenient solution to keep your social media pages active and engaging. It does all the heavy-lifting for you, finding fresh content relevant to your industry and allowing you (as well as your audience) to stay on top of the latest trends.

Check out DrumUp’s content curation and social media account management capabilities. As a DrumUp user, maintaining an updated Facebook page or Twitter account is never a problem.

Image credit : Pixabay